Thanks Congressional Reception and White House Teams!

Even though I wasn’t there, I’d like to thank all of our teams who worked together to put on the demonstrations yesterday at the Congressional Reception and White House and represented all of us so exceedingly well. FRC 116, FRC 365, FRC 768, FVC 3053, FLL 1677, FLL 1911 and all of the additional teams that sent representatives, you are all wonderful ambassadors for the FIRST programs and impressed so many people, even people in my school district in PA. When they saw the emails and links and realized we were part of a program that puts teams in front of the president and congress, I wound up with a visit from an administrator that wanted to help us even more.

Organizing these demonstrations is a group effort. The fact that this event was pulled together in such a short time frame is an example of how the teams in FIRST really understand teamwork. The fact the FIRST knows no boundaries, either geographic or cultural, is certainly one of our strongest assets as we move toward a changed culture.

All of you, have made us proud. What you sacrificed, accomplished, and experienced collectively makes our community stronger and will allow all of our teams everywhere to gain a stronger hold in each of our communities.

With gratitude and respect,

Rich is right. This was a landmark event for FIRST. Garnering this type of attention can only strengthen our program, not just in the United States, but globally. I know that once our Canadian politicians see the attention FIRST received at the White House, they’ll be much more likely to support our efforts in Canada.

Congratulations to all the teams who made this possible, and took the time to spread the word of FIRST.

To these teams who represented all of FIRST… FRC 116, FRC 365, FRC 768, FVC 3053, FLL 1677… thank you. At a city built upon democratic representation, it is great to see these model FIRST teams speak and demonstrate on behalf of the rest of FIRST.

We were with you all in spirit, and we appreciate the effort you and your supporters went through to make this happen.

This gives even more credibility in all that we do.

The more I think of this… the more I realize that this is not about the teams who participated. While it is great for these teams, it is greater for FIRST in general. The memories that these team members have is immense, but small compared to the progress we all have just seen for FIRST. We are all proud, for sure.

Andy B.

To add to this, I cannot think of any better people to have represented us in this event. The more professional we act, the better we will represent FIRST and our team to the rest of the world. Let’s keep up the good work.

I’m not going to go on and on repeating what everyone said, so I’ll just say “What they (^^) said! Thanks!”.

But seriously, this will help FIRST so much in the long run. Between the Michigan grant money, and now showing off what we do to the President and to Congress (not to mention all the press coverage)…this can only work in our favor…the only thing I wish is that the President would be in office a little longer so that he could have more time to do something for FIRST.

Ditto to the above. Great job, teams!

Anyone who has organized a demonstration can tell you how much work this can be. Along with the award winning teams (who each did an excellent presentation at the Reception), there were 5 local teams from DC (FLL), MD (FRC) and VA (FLL/FVC/FRC) who had all sorts of challenges to getting to the venue and setting up in the Cannon Caucus Room for the Congressional Reception. And they did an amazing job.

We have gotten thank you’s from some pretty “high level” people. They had a great time driving the robots.

Major kudos to Mildred Porter, Regional Director for Maryland, who took the lead for the congressional visits and the Congressional Reception.