Thanks for Breakfast - Thunder Chickens!

Thanks to the Thunder Chickens and their many volunteer crew for a great breakfast and a great time Saturday morning. It was great to see some old friends and meet a few new ones.

Good luck to Mrs. C., too - she has a little Thunder Chicken in the oven!

yes thanks for breakfast, i as well as most of my team were getting sick from the breakfast in the dome, It was nice to meet Al from 111 and Paul from 217 as well as talking to some old friends, and a big thank you to Mr Lavery for the KKs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Thank you Dave Lavery for the KK. It was my FIRST KK donut, ever. Thanks to everybody who made the gathering possible. It was definitely worth waking up at 4:45am.

Hahaha, yes great job everyone. Next time Brandon Martus and I won’t accidentally go down to the courtyard and sit there for a half hour thinking we’re all meeting up there :wink: Very good get-together… thanks for hosting it.

Oh – and thanks to Mike Walker’s grandfather for the ride at 5:30am!

Excellent breakfast at 6am in the morning. When I had to wake up at 5pm to get ready for everything, it wasn’t even past my west coast bed time yet. But thanks to the wonderful breakfast with lots of eggs, sausage, wings, bagels, I was well ready for the full day of qualifying rounds, finals, award ceremony, wrap party, and more partying after that ahead of me.

What a wonderful experience for a lone west coast FIRST-a-holic to experience after years of California competitions. I will definitely have to rethink about what kind of things we should do out west.

I totally wish that the stupid MARTA would have been running on time. Regardless, thanks for the great breakfast, you guys are great! :slight_smile:

I’d like to add my thanks … awesome job ThunderChickens!!

And Amanda, c’mon … late MARTA trains is about as legit an excuse as getting stuck on an elevator … you don’t really think they believe that now do you??


I got there a little late. Stupid me for forgetting to actually turn on the alarm :). This was a great idea and I hope that even more teams will participate next year. Everyone enjoy the location for it?

Yeah, or David turning on the alarm on his cell phone but leaving the cell phone on vibrate only…but I think that was Friday morning

“D.J., you can stop filming now!” Stu Bloom :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks to the Thunderchickens for another awesome tailgate and to Dave Lavery for all the KK’s! I think this should become an annual tradition.

I was wondering what everyone thought of it. At the end, we started flagging people down to come eat all the food we had leftover. I would like to thank our teacher, Anita Stafford for doing all the planning and Bob Korson for loading everything in the trailer and hauling it down for us. I would also like to thank everyone who brought stuff to the tailgate: team 111, team 27, team 234, Amanda/DJ/David, Dave Lavery, team 45, and anyone else who I may have missed.

A very special thanks to Anne Bergeron for finding the excellent location for us. I was convenient and easy to acces. It will be a perfect spot for next year.

Also, thanks to Andy Baker for cooking all those eggs and to my wife for letting me bring my brand new grill.


It was a great way to start the day. It was even better than MMR and you ordered up great weather too! Thanks for letting us be part of it. And special thanks to everyone who showed up, even though I was meeting some of you for the first time, it was like a famiy reunion.