Thanks for help with the Robot Rodeo

There were alot of people who helped with the robot rodeo.

First I really wanted to thank Bilfred and Gary Dillard.

Bilfred was my company at the scoring table all day, and helped with setup and takedown, and a good pair of hands and a good sense of hurmor is always needed when your tired. I really appreciate you comin down from SC and helping out. Maybe i wont leave the rolls of tape so easy to get at (but you did finally get thoes free samples of tylenol out of my car)

Gary is the source of the competition actually having matches run with some time frame that was reasonable. For whatever reason our super dooper arena controller was adding a team 0 to all of our match listings, he came up with the smart idea to just cut out all the matches and everyone played the correct amount of matches. Then as the day went on he found that it was taking us around 20 minutes a match. Of course i was focusing on getting matches done so i didnt realize that it was going that slow so he came up with a plan to make sure we ended on schedule. Then finally he and Bilfred figured out all of the teams ranks in the end of the day so we could get alliance picking.

Without these two helping the rodeo would have been very different. They are kinda my unsung hero’s of the weekend.

There are many others who need praising.

Nathan Pell really was the source of everything this weekend, There would be no rodeo had he not worked very hard. Originally the rodeo was slated for another team to host this year, but when the hurricanes came and there was great restructuring at thier school in the administration they werent able to host it. Nathan and the entire 1083 team stepped up and planned the entire event in a matter of months. He has been the main driving force behind the robot rodeo the last 2 years and is helping with future Florida Robotics Offseason events. Look out for our next Brain Child in June next season.

George we all know you worked hard to make sure teams were able to actually have robots do thier thing.

Mike Walker, Did someone buy you dinner? Cause you worked so hard trying to get the ill fated computers up and running. I hope you were still able to enjoy the rodeo without having sucess, or sleep.

Thank you to everyone who came out for putting up with all the computer failures and still showing us a good time.

Finally the robot rodeo goat. I gotta see if the goat was named. Cause that was just funny.

I’m sure I am forgetting people but I’m still tired from this past week of non stop working on the rodeo. So if i saw you, thank you.

I agree, plus ten cool points to everyone in the building on Saturday. Twenty if you were there when Friday became Saturday.

And an extra five to all of the people who spotted us calculators. Without them, Gary and I would still be in that back room trying to figure out who was seeded where.

I think my contribution was only needed because my 5 hours of sleep the night before was more than everyone on the setup team combined. It’s hard enough trying to troubleshoot without adding exhaustion on top of it. In the end it was a great event.

I’d like the thank the refs - you’d never know they were there. The scoring went very smoothly, especially considering all the judgement calls they had to make on the timing because of the field controls. They just went with the flow.

Hey now…I know for a fact that Mike, George, and I topped five hours. I had two, George had two, and Mike must’ve had an hour in between waking up because of my snoring.

Add that on top of what the rest of the folks got, and we’ve got you beat, Gary.

(good thing I never mentioned that before the last caption contest…)