Thanks for the help!

I have to say that inspections seemed to go rather smoothly thanks to all the experienced and dedicated voulnteers. There were some great people helping me with Newton and I know the other divisions had some great workers as well. Thanks to all of those who helped, it made for a better competition.
Thanks again.

Yup yup… Thanks to all volunteers who made this past week/weekend possible.

… Al was one of them who was an inspector. I have had the honor to talk to Al for few minutes when he gave me some advises that will help me in life. So… Thank you Al. We appreciate everything that you do for us.

thank you thank you thank you!

i never think we can say enough thanks to the volunteers…from those that judge, to inspection, to the set up crew…and everyone else!

thanks for all your hard work and dedication…it truly means a lot to every team and individual that comes to these great competitions…

Thanks to all of the teams for being so gracious during inspections, especially those who were asked to make some changes. The inspector volunteer list was a “Who’s - Who” of the FIRST community and it was a pleasure working with you all.