Thanks from 2949

2949 would like to send out a couple of thank you’s from the Championship this past weekend.

First, thanks to the NASA Machine Shop for making us a part for our minibot deployment. Our minibot deployment arm was bent during one of our matches and they made us a part to mend two smaller pieces together. It was a life saver and they did a fantastic job. Kudos to them.

Next, we would like to thank JC Penney for giving us the oppertunity to receive $1000 from them. I know it was a lot of fun watching our teammate jump around in that money cage greabbing bills. You guys are going to really help us pay for some off-season events this year.

And of course thanks to our sponsors Boeing, Genesis Automation, Mari Manufacturing, MSOE, CarQuest, and Enersis for their dedicated support. Our season wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Finally thanks to the many volunteers who dedicated their time to the event.