Thanks from Team 1114

The Pittsburgh regional was an amazing time, and I just want to thank every person and team who made it such great event. Special thanks go out to the following teams.

  • Our alliance partners Teams 211 and 578. We were mere inches away from walking away with a big blue banner. It was pleasure competing alongside your robots and interacting with all of your team members.

  • The winning alliance, Teams 5, 1030 & 398. You are very deserving champions, and our team feels no shame placing second to all of you. Also, knocking off both of the top two seeds from the qualifying rounds was no small feat.

  • All of the Canadian teams, 188, 772, 783. It was great to see all the Canadian teams advance to the elimination rounds. The fan support you gave us in the finals was awesome.

  • Team 48. I can’t overstate how much your team helped us. For those who weren’t there here’s the story. During our second qualifying match the extension in our arm was badly damaged and bent. The damage was so bad we even contemplated removing the arm for the remainder of the regional. Immediately after the match Team 48 came to our pits and gave us the parts and tools to help us get the arm up and running again. The arm was running so well on Saturday that we we able to hang in five of our elimination matches. Team 48’s altruistic actions were a true example of why FIRST is so amazing.

See you all next week in Long Island.

P.S. Have you heard my impersonation of a pigeon? How about a duck? :wink:

You could’ve have said it better. I must say though; for a 2-year team (I believe) you guys played like you’ve been in it for the whole 9 or so years.

You and your alliance was a great win (not to be bragging or anything; but I honestly felt you were gonna win). Congrads to you guys for going so far into the game. You held on strong; and that alone gave you my respect. (BTW on this topic: Our whole team was so nervous throughout every single match; but the last 2 were the worst for all of us).

For us knocking off the top 2 seeds; you are right that it wasn’t no easy feat. I still believe we had luck on our side throughout everything we’ve gone through. But truely though, knocking off the 1rst seed had to’ve been the hardest thing we’ve done throughout the whole regional.

I myself loved seeing the Canadian teams. They bring a new playstyle each year.

On the standpoint of what team 48 did, yes…I agree. That is why FIRST is so amazing. Teams helping each other out in times of need. I am also really glad you got your arm working; I am sure you guys will triumph in the other competitions you are going to.

To sum this all up…thanks for your recognization (sp?), and I have even more respect for you all. Let’s see if we can see a rematch in the future! :smiley:


Forgot to mention huge congrats to all teams that won the awards. Simbotics, that was a pretty sweet set-up from what saw.


Thanks for the kind words, we have the utmost respect for your team and all teams that compete in a FIRST event. You guys have an amazing machine this year and we were glad to be able to assist you in making sure that you could compete the rest of the weekend. Congratulations on all of your successes this weekend, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you in Canada.

Also congratulations to teams 5, 1030, and 398 you guys deserved that championship. Thanks to all the teams that made this weekend a great time. Good Job!!!

Chris Neifer