Thanks from Team 1522!

Christopher Walken, and all of the Defenders Of The Multiverse would like to thank our alliance partners: Team 1086: Blue Cheese, and Team 435 Robodogs. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we appreciate your great sportsmanship and teamwork during the finals at the VCU Regional in Virginia.

We would also like to thank teams 1793, 1731, 2108 for making such great finalists, and also an added congratulations to team 1086 for their Chairman’s Award at the regional event.

We hope to see many of you all at Georgia for the Championship this April!

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: We were very suprised, but still EXCITED, about Chairman’s! :yikes: You guys were great as well!
I have to say that your posters genuinely intimidated me! My team mates in the stands had great fun cheering with you, especially the ones that left me to cheer around the field.
So, great work, had lots of fun! Hope you have as much success in Atlanta.

thanks for the congrats :smiley:
we did great together and i love the walken
and yes i had one of y’alls posters and scared sarah with it :stuck_out_tongue: