Thanks Team 103 from a Rookie Mentor

I find it hard to put into words how much it means to me to be a part of the incredible team of people which is Cybersonics. From my first days with the team you welcomed me and included me in your family. Your commitment to excellence challenged me to do my best and your enthusiasm brought me the strength to weather the long evenings and weekends of Build Season.

I am still in awe of how, when things went wrong and the top eight seemed to be slipping out of our reach, when most would have resigned themselves to defeat, you pulled together and as if by force of will turned things around. Your unreserved cheers for the victories of worthy opponents still ring in my ears and exemplify the concept of gracious professionalism.

To be a small cog in the machine which earned the Chairman’s Award at J&J was more than I could have hoped for, and topping that with the Curie silver and then the Chairman’s in Houston is still hard to believe. You girls and guys are awsome. Though I thank all of you for making me part of Cybersonics, I would like to add a few special thanks to:

Kyle for the look of delight you had when you got Inventor animations working (and how we couldn’t stop you after that);

Bridgett for your painstaking attention to detail and for putting up with meddling leaders and mentors;

William for your calm determination to find a way around crashing computers and disappearing disks so that we could always find the files we needed;

Dave for giving your life to the ideals of FIRST and your dedication to seeing that our children have this opportunity to find out what they are made of;

And finally to the un-named parents who made sure I knew that their son valued working with me - for me that is all the reward I need to keep coming back.