Thanks team 340 GRR and 67 HOT

Once again Buckeye Champs Strike. thanks for being such a great alliance team, i had a balst so did the whole team. we wish you luck and lets go Newton Champs!!

hey congrats to ur team and 340 and 67. you guys make an incredble team. you guys had agreat thing going from cleveland and kept it up at nationals. i know i had a chance to talk and play hackie sac with some people on ur team like veronica. i have a great off season. Ill see ya next year. CONGRATS! WAY TO GO!

Thank you. This is what FIRST is all about. Teamwork, friendship, & fun. I just wish we could have made it to that next step. It is nice to know that Buckeye wasn’t some kind of fluke. 1 alliance, 2 competitions, 2 victories. Thanks for picking us & believing in us. We won’t soon forget this.