Thanks team 801 and 79

1557 has arrived, after 5 years of being eliminated in the QF’s, we(with HUGE amounts of help from 801 and 79) made a run from 8th place to the finals. Eliminating the 1st and 3rd place alliances’ before loosing out in the finals due to our Pnuematic misfirings’.

801you guys were awsome, the defense your team put down on the field was incredible. When we picked you, we needed a good end-zone player that could kick balls out, as well as play defense. And you guys showed us, and everyone watching the regional; that even if you’re ranked low, with the right strategy and a SOLID robot you could do amazing things. your defense was unstopable, I am sure many teams underestimated us. We definately made a big statement together this year.
I was greatly impressed with your robot and am still wondering wh no-one else picked you. I had a great time playing with you and I cant thank you guys enough for what you helped us accomplish this weeked. I hope to see you guys in Atlanta if we make the wait list, and If we end up on the same field I hope we can work together again.

79: I will admit, between Thursday-Friday morning I was convinced I did not want to play with you guys. But in the afternoon and saturday morning you pulled it together and became a very competitive robot. By that time you were low in the rankings and no-one was looknig at you guys, but we were. Our scouting team did a great job this year and we picked you guys because we needed a good mid-fielder that could also hang.
Your team was great to work with, you have been to the finals many times and handeld everything with great ingenuity and confidence. The strategey we put together was unstopable, You guys always kept a supply of balls for us to score and I never once had to leave our zone to get balls. When we were being defended, you guys stepped up and came to the near zone to help out. When we got stuck on our side, you guys were again right there to help. I never doubted our ability to win. Your hanging mechanism was aswome and it no doubt made us even more effective. I hope to see you guys in Atlanta and play with you again.

801 and 79: We had an amazing run, and I strongly believe we would be sitting with blue-banners right now if our pnuematics hadn’t screwed up. I had to make the decision to pull the bumper from the Crio to prevent it from happening again, but it turns out the normaly open side of that solinoid was the one that makes our lifting cylinder extend. It was a guess we had to make and there was no time to come up with another solution. I’m sorry we couldent go all the way, but we sure had a heck of a run and showed alot of people who we are. We all played extremely well and I am proud to say we palyed with you guys. I hope to play with you guys again and look forward to Atlanta.

Oh, and KRUNCH…fix your hanger so it dosent explode all over the field again :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I think you guys should know if you dont already; We played all of our Qf matches missing a tread, and we played the entire elimination bracket without our ball-magnet, And KRUNCH didn’t have a kicker. If that tells you anything I think it sums up the strength of our alliance. We should have gone all the way, but we let you guys down in the end. :o

ps. thanks for signing our robot :smiley:

Congratulations to 1251, 86, and 1612 for winning, you guys were great.

It was great competing with you guys. We had 1 qualifying match with you, and 2 against you, and I know first hand what you guys are capable of. Though your robot is small and ours was big, you really played hard defense on us and made it difficult to maneuver and score. That’s the perfect defense. We were extremely glad to be picked after working out all the bugs with our robot. Only really running 2 out of 10 matches was pretty tough for us. The first quarter finals match was amazing. Getting in the rhythm of what our alliance was about to accomplish. Getting balls to 1557, watching 801 shut down the alliance in the far zone. and us going up for our first competition hang.

Team 79 Graciously thanks you for picking us and believing in our robot.

And we’ll make sure our hooks stop exploding! :smiley: Time to go to metal!

Good luck with the Nationals wait list! I’m sure you’ll get in!

ps. 801… You guys have a pretty awesome driver controller

You guys were an excellent alliance, and the quarterfinals matches were just as entertaining as the finals.

Your matches were the closest, most entertaining matches I have seen outside of the Einstein field.

You all give the Florida Regional the reputation of being one of the most competitive regionals out there.


It was great fun working with 1557 and 801. Friday night we were desperate to get picked. It was great getting into the finals.

Congrats to 1557 for their three awards.

Hope to see you guys again next year.

You guys did great knocking out #1 alliance.

Team 79 did they ever figure out what was causing the field to shut down when you played? What was it?

Ya, it was the CRIO

So we replaced it with a spare, we also replaced the radio, CRIO modules, and had a 2nd classmate ready.

Teams 1557 and 79: It was GREAT teaming up with you guys! All of our strengths combined to make an amazing alliance.

Team 1557: Thank you for believing in us and picking us to be on your alliance. You made a great alliance captain. Your robot is incredible – so small and maneuverable. You could get balls that most robots couldn’t. And you were very consistent at scoring those balls sent to your zone.

Team 79: As always, you are an awesome team to work with. Your robot is highly capable of doing many things. You were advancing and scoring balls, and even crossing over the bump to do so. And your hanging bonus helped our alliance.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could play together at the Champs!

It would be, if we were going to Atlanta…But we did not make the wait list this week and we decided as a team to not spend the money we have going to Atlanta but instead to purchase another Crio…

I really wish we could go.

And 801 You guys were talking about signing a shirt for us and giving it to us in Atlanta…but we are not going, and we still would like that shirt as a remembrance to our best season. If you guys still want to give it to us, you could mail it? and we would send one back to you guys! :wink: