Thanks Team 93!!!!

I would like to thank Team 93 on behalf of my team (754). From day 1 to day 3 in Wisconsin Regionals, they offered and lended a hand or two. They also help fix our code and borrowing us some semicolons… :ahh: Thank you for making my first regional a time of my life. Thanks sooooo much!!

team 1504 would also like to thank team 93. we came up with some good strategies all throughout saturday during the seeding rounds and the elims. it was great working with you as the 3rd place alliance; best of luck

  • pat, 1504’s drive coach

Team #857 would also like to thank Team #93 for being there every time we needed some help, teaching us how to use thier STAMP program, supplying materials for us during the build (when we couldn’t get them ourselves) and for sharing thier delicious lunches with us all three days of the competition.

You guys rock! :smiley:

To echo Pat’s words, Team 1504 is grateful to Team 93 for selecting us in the eliminations. We had 3 great matches in qualifying and then worked fantastically together with 754 in the elims. Thanks to both teams for helping our alliance go out fighting tough!

~Beth, the scouting girl