Thanks to 1114 - New Controls Workshop

A hearty thank-you to Simbotics for hosting their new controls workshop yesterday.

About 140 people attended the 8 hour long workshop, which showed us everything we were legally allowed to know about the control system.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new system now, and believe me, the information we received from the workshop will allow us to hit the ground running.

Also, the special tours of the Simbotics workshop were a nice little bonus =).

-Shawn T. Lim…

A huge thanks to Simbotics for jumpstarting other teams in knowing a lot about the new control system!

In just 8 hours, you all provided us with important information regarding the controls system.

Also, the special tours of the Simbotics workshop were a nice little bonus =).

I agree with that too! :smiley:

Does not look like it was saved at any chance of getting a recording of it somewhere.

The 1114 crew had mentioned at the workshop that it was being filmed and as part of the NDA that they were bound under, FIRST had to clear it before it could be posted online. Give it time.

We’re working on getting all our materials from Saturday’s workshop approved for publication. Along with our own recordings, Team 1246 graciously recorded the event for us and has already edited it into a short video. Hopefully we can get this up for everyone as soon as possible.

That’s great that you folks offered this workshop/training.
I hope the other groups that received the beta testing materials think about doing this also and soon.

Thank you guys very much for giving your saturday to help steer us in the right direction. The presentation was incredibly informative, and summed up everything very nicely. This is a great example of the leadership and gracious professionalism 1114 has shown among the Canadian teams over the years.