Thanks to 126 & 151

On behalf of The RhodeWarriors, Team 121 would like to thank teams 126 and 151 for a great alliance in the eliminations at BAE. Both teams were number 1 and number 2 on our list. We could not have hoped for better partners. See you in future competitions and at the offseasons this year!

562 thanks your alliance for a great pair of quarter finals matches. We ALMOST had that doubler in place before you managed to push us away from the goal!

A lesson for everyone: every second counts!

and on behalf of gael force, team 126 would like to thank you for choosing us as your alliance. we wanted to be with you guys the whole time. if we were in the top 8 we would have picked you :slight_smile: . you guys did a great job during the quarter and semi-finals. lets just see what happens at UTC. maybe we will get together again. also, thank you team 151, you guys did a great job!

Thanks to 126 and 121 for being awsome partners. Maybe we will meet at Nationals and kick it there. :smiley:


I also want to thank 121 and 151 for the partnership that we enjoyed in Manchester. I thought we had an alliance capable of winning, and still think we could have! I really feel that team 121 is a team who has recieved alot of flack in the past because of their agressive play, but for anyone who knows them, you know that they are truely a class act bunch. 151, as always you guys rock too.

Cya in CT,

Andy Grady

P.S. I’m calling your bowling ringers out for Thursday night! I will have a team ready to take you 121 Turkeys down!!! What do ya say? :wink:

First off thanks for everyone for being great partners for all are matches in the comp. Also to team 126 and 151 for being great partners in the finals…
Always a class act for you two.

Being mostly in the stands watching, I would like to give a shout too all the rockies that did a awsome job all weekend. 1350 for winning Rockie allstar. Keep making it happen guys, and no one will stop you…

One more shout out too 69 and there alliance 176 and 501…( Nasty Job)
guys… awsome…

Grady …Just Bring it on !!!