Thanks to 20, and 230

On behalf of RAGE team 173, I would like to thank team 20, for picking us and being a great pit neighbor, and team 230, for rounding off our great alliance. As coach it was an honor to work with two of the finest caliber teams in FIRST. Both had great robots, and even better humans supporting them. I had a lot of fun and being part of this alliance fulfilled one of my goals this year. Even though we came in second our alliance is number one in my mind.

I would also like to extend a congratulations to teams 69, 126, and 1071. They put up a great fight which gave them a well earned win.

Thanks back, Jon. Words like “honor” and “amazing” get used many times in these posts, but that will not stop me from using them again.

I join you in congratulating teams 69, 126, and 1071. They were superb opponents. Also, 69 was our other neighor in the pit, (we were between 173 and 69), and they are the best this competition has to offer: open, friendly, and fun. I’m very glad I had the chance to meet them.

Team 230 was tremendous. They built a superb and innovative robot and played it very well. I am very glad that I had a chance to meet and ally with the folks from Shelton. Thanks for being part of our alliance!

You guys are the greatest! My experience with you started with Bob showing me the arm. What a work of art! He didn’t just describe it to me, but took the whole thing apart so I could understand and appreciate it. We were very lucky with the seeding matches and consequently very happy, and team 173 shared our ebulience. At least I think you did; maybe you guys are always that enthusiastic!

Mostly, thanks for sharing the finals with us. I know we were the number one seed, but I also know that you had many choices you could have made, and it was a real honor for us to have you as our partner. Thank you.

You have a tremendous team and a lot of skill manifest in your machine but more importantly in the way you play and act. I hope we can continue to work with you.

John Neun
Chairman, Team 20