Thanks to 222, 67

IRI is over now and it was incredible…definately the best competition Ive been to on that size scale…

Special thanks to Cliff, Dave and the 222 crew for picking us…that totally came as a shock to me especially with our “decorative wings” that stopped working Friday morning before IRI started :stuck_out_tongue: also thanks to 67 for being our 3rd partner and helping to pull us out of a jam in Match 3:1 of the quarters…

You guys rock!

It was awsome enough to just be able to run with both 45 and 67 no thanks needed we thank you guys for accepting.

I also want to send a thanks to 222… thanks for “adopting” me. You guys are one awesome team, I had so much fun at the competition and back at the motel, you guys are a great group of people… I also liked the whole hanging mentors over the ledge thing :wink: Can’t wait to see you guys next year!

As my comrad mentioned earlier there is no thanks needed. We considered it an honor having 45 and 67 as our alliance parnters. As for Mike T. you jsut liked the haning the mentor thing cause you were mad about the sunroof :wink: ! IRI was a blast and it was great to meet so many people in person. Good luck to all and hope to see some teams come east next year

222 Alum.

Hey DJ eventhough some Tigertron members made fun of you, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t pick you after you let all of the magic smoke out! LOL

It was a Blast being at IRI and working with team 45 and 67!

Good luck with your new adopted team.
Bad Brad