Thanks to 236, and 521

On behalf of RAGE Team 173, we would like to thank team 236, the Techno Ticks, and team 521, the l33t Crew, for putting on another awesome event. Bash @ the Beach has personnally been my favorite off-season, becuase its the one that no matter what you can have fun at, because for us it is usually the last time we use a bot, and therefore play our hardest. While the event had a few hiccups in the beginning, the great crew of volunteers had everything working within 10 minutes, in part due to the hard work of Michael Dessingue, Dez250 on CD, who came from NY to volunteer at Bash, and without the hard work and dedication of the volunteers the event would definately not have gone as smoothely as it did.

I also thought that the basket raffle and shirt sales where an awesome idea, and a great way to support CT FLL. Plus I loved how every time a team went up some little tidbit was said about them, whether it be a large accomplishment, or that they were holding a local FLL competition, it just added to the enjoyment of the competition, because I learned things that I previously didn’t know.

So once again a Big thanks goes out to all the hardwork to put on an awesome competition.

I also want to add my thanks and congratulations. This event grows every year. In addition to what Jon has said, the addition of the Team Swap was fantastic! We had a member from Team 173 spend the day with us and one of our members spent the day with Team 839. Both said they had a great time!

Thanks to Teams 236 and 521 for putting on the Bash and for the care package of food to take back on the bus! It was a long ride, but we had a great time!

We also put on an off-season competition in November and I know how much work it is. So a special thank you to **Matt Starkey ** and **Bill Derry ** for doing such an amazing job of organizing the event!

There were awesome machines and awesome people. In particular our partners 549 and 839 were just great.

Also the people from team **173 RAGE ** were very welcoming to our team.

Best of Luck to everyone in CT this season!

Al Ostrow
Team leader
Team 341

If anyone is crazy enough to drive to PA, our event “Ramp Riot” ( is Nov. 13th. (4 spots left)

It would be great if everyone would upload a few pics from the day. We would love to see them.


We loved having you guys! We’re glad that you all had such a good time. (PS Melissa and I are trying to convince our mentors to take us to ramp riot!!! even if the whole team doesn’t come, the tick chicks might steal the bot and come down for it- Melissa and Cecily can drive again!! :ahh: )

Well, if you could find a mentor or parent to travel with you, we would be glad to have you.

We were already planning to drop the usual fee for your team and we could probably find a few team families that would let you stay with them.

Just check with your coaches.

Although, I would have to know relatively soon, because things are close to filling up.

Either way, we had a great time and look forward to seeing you guys this season.

I’m working on it. Cross your fingers