Thanks to 291 and 1629

I’d just like to thank teams CIA (291) and Garrett Coalition (1629) for being AMAZING alliance partners. You guys were great to play with, and I hope to see you all again (Why are you all so far away from us? :().

We had a great run, and you guys deserve the biggest thanks and congrats!

Miss you all!

-Dan :cool:

You guys and 1629 were great as well, hope to see you again soon.

I’d also like to congratulate 123, 247 and 337 whom we played in Semi-Finals. Great alliance with very impressive defensive skills. Da’ Bears were a tank! Those were some intense and exciting matches… came down right to the wire.

Can’t wait for next year’s Pittsburgh Regional!

Our alliance was awesome! We almost had them there.
Just wanted to wish you guys good luck in Nationals! Hopefully we will win at the Buckeye Classic and be able to join you there!

You were an amazing alliance partner. The 2007 Pittsburgh regional was incredible. Good luck in nationals.