Thanks to 358 and 271!

From all of us on team 870, thanks for the pick! We did awesome this year…especially after 5 pain-staking final matches. Looking forward to seeing you guys next year.
All of us untouched after the final finals match (#5).

yup we did awsome, but when was this taken, Where am i!?!!!

I agree those final matches, I was shaking

We could not have done it without you guys!!!

Congrats to you guys on a job well done from team 176 Aces High
Personal note to 271’s Peter Burke:
Thank you for the shirt and do need more coffee money?
:slight_smile: :wink: :yikes:

Congradulations again guys on an amazing regional. We did not go down without a fight, 5 rounds of robotic fury!

This should be posted in here