Thanks to 476 and 1745

I would personally like to thank 476 and 1745 for helping us come out on top at the Lone Star Regional. Without you guys we would of had to pull our robot out. We ran into so many problems during the eliminations and you guys put our robot in front of yours in order for us to be able to compete with you guys. We are forever grateful to you guys for helping us out.

I would like to thank you guys for:

  1. Giving tools to help us fix our robot
  2. Giving passes to our members and mentors to get them on the field to help
  3. For having your mentors help us put our robot back together
  4. For keeping your spirits up even though we had gone through some tough matches
  5. For getting those 30 point bonuses that brought us victory many times.
  6. And for being AWSOME alliance partners

Thanks for everything. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

I’m amazed at 118, 476 and 1745 , all three of those teams went through the toughest defensive elimination rounds I’ve seen this year.

First a big Thanks to our Alliance partners 118 and 1475. We helped each other out so much during those 9 straight mathces without a breather - I was totally drained - We did not have much of a robot left at the end.
Second Thanks to364 57 and 1772 for a hard fought highly competitive close matches. I know it was disapointing to lose but you guys were awesome.
During the semis another hard fought round - coming down to the end where 16 - 418 and 1421 gave us a real hard tussle. We had machines breaking - OK they had a lot of help - but they were extremely competitive. No give up in either alliance. I feel like that it was only by the Grace of God that we were able to move on.
Lastly again the Lone Star regional hosted a tremendous overall event.

Whew now for some rest and repair.

I speak for our whole team when I say thank you to teams 476 and 118.

this is a moment that every one on our team will remember forever.

you guys were not only awesome on the feild with your drive teams and fix it teams, but off the feild as well, a real class act.

also a big congratulations and thanks to teams 364, 1772, and 57. those were some of the closest matches Ive seen. any missed breath, blinked eye or, hair out of place difference and it would be the chain would be on the other sprocket so to say.

again thanks to 476 and 118 see you at atlanta.

Those were some VERY close matches. I can now breathe again!:slight_smile:

I can completely agree. I was down there on the field and there were many points where my heart started beating super fast. It was nerve racking to be apart of these close matches.

I may be a little biased, but I have watched many matches on the webcasts, and I have never seen such intense matches. Lone Star was great this year. Thanks and congrats to all the teams that competed this year; it was a great regional

What made the matches really intense was the fact that there were matches where robots were broken pretty bad but they were out on the field running around trying to score. The robots got out there because of quck fixes that still leave the robot broken, but put them in a running state.