Thanks to 555, 1324, & 1492 - AZ Champions

On behalf of Team 1212, I’d like to congratulate Teams 555, 1324, and 1492 on becoming the Arizona Regional Champions. Not only are these awesome teams with great robots, but also without hesitation they gave their one and only time-out before the first finals match so our alliance could make repairs after we still had a broken robot after then end of our own time-out. I believe this is one of the most powerful displays of gracious professionalism a team can make, and seeing it again this year makes me and my team very happy to be apart of a competition like FIRST. Great job, and have a great time in Atlanta!

I wanted to thank you guys for a great match and i wanted to thank all the teams at the regional and everyone who was a part of it. It was our first trip to the west coast and we had a great time and are definitely going to the west again next year!!