Thanks to 703 and 1602

Thank you to team 703 for making us your first pick as alliance partners and to team 1602 for doing a good job in defense during the finals. It was unfortunate that 703 tipped at the beginning of match F-1 and I think that it was a contributing factor to our loss. Anyways, I hope you guys have a great year and I hope to see you guys at the Championships!!!

Tomasz Bania :cool:

You are welcome Tomasz. 818 was an excellent partner and we were luck to be able to pick you.

I want to congratulate 469, 217, and 1506. 469 had a jaw dropping robot and there was clearly a reason that they went undefeated through the whole event. Combined with their excellent partners they made a formidable alliance and the earned the title “Detroit Region Champions”

Matt B.

Yea, its unfortunate that the robot tipped over, no idea how that happened probably first time its done so during Detroit. I would have liked to give them a tougher match. I am still very satisfied with how awesome our alliance performed in the quarter and semi finals.

Shockingly (as far as I can remember) we were the only alliance to get 107 (or for that matter over 100) twice! We did great and hope to see all those teams again soon!

Tomasz Bania
FSN Coordinator
Detroit/Palmetto Regionals
Good Luck at the Competitions!