Thanks to all from 151.

Posted by Robert Masek.

Student on team #151, r2k, from nashua high and sanders/nashua.

Posted on 2/24/2000 10:32 PM MST

What cow?
I just wanted to start off by saying thanks to all of the engineers and sanders employees who donated there time. Then I want to thank all of the students and teachers who put all of the hard work into our technical and non-technical teams. Then I want to thank sanders. I don’t know if we will win or loose but this past weekend has made the whole thing worth it already. As much as team 166 out of Merrimack was grateful for our help we were grateful for them giving us the chance to work with them. Last year at rumble we did not have the ability to bring our bot. We just brought a few kids. You guys accepted us as team members. You let us help were we could you cheered with us, let us be with a team. This year we were missing a globe motor. Becky drove down to give us one of theirs. So thanks to 166. You have made our first experience better.
When we got an e-mail from 238 and word spread to our team all I heard from assembly and fab team was “how can we help?” Not only did we get to give them a little bit of help we got to meet some of the coolest students and teacher. We got to meet some shop guys that I would put in the category of artist’s rather than a machinist and a welder. Thanks to 238. I know all of our team that was involved with your team is better for it.
Team 42 we also appreciate your appreciation. In years past we have cheered together worked in the pit, partied, camped. This year we hope to continue the tradition. Thanks 42
If there is anybody that we left out thanks to you for making FIRST first. On that note trying to keep up the fun just wanted to make an offer. Personally some team members from our team our going to the NY regional even though we are not registered. My mom asked why would I go on a 6 hour trip just to watch a comp when I will be at one a week later? The answer is simple all of you guys. I go to be there we all do. When one team is short on a part or help or a part and gets help from another team that is worth the 6-hour trip. I just wanted to try and be that team that helps out. The one little bit of help that gets you there. So I and some of my team mates just wanted to say if you see anyone in a purple shirt with a paw and you need help just give us a holler. If you see me (I’m hard to miss 6’6” orange Moxie shirt or team shirt, died hair and beard), Just ask and I will do whatever I can. And if you see any team 35938 shirts say hi, these people exemplify FIRST.
Last year some of our team and Alverne got together to cheer and to celebrate. This year we wanted to expand on this idea and have a get together. All the teams near Nashua would be invited. All the teams that want to come would be invited.
Later BD~
P.S. GO U-FO!!