Thanks to all teams at VCU

My team had many struggles and internal conflicts with the leaders through the season, and it showed at regionals. I was close to quitting, but i pulled through. I would to say thanks to all the teams at the VCU regional for reminding me why i go through so much crap. The sportmanship, the atmosphere and the determination of many teams after the virus helped me realized how great the competition is and why i have been doing this for 3 years. Thank you to the teams who lend us parts (345 thanks for the joystick, 843, the sprocket for our arm) and thanks to the alliance partners of 769. All of you guys helped was win our matches(off the top of my head, 587, and 1002), and I apoligize to the ones that we lost with probably cuz of us (Sparky and Paradox). Hopefuly next year the regionals will be just as fun and competitive with any viruses spreading. watch out for 769 though, we will be good.

Dude, don’t worry about it. We got to work with a great team that loves what they do. We all have problems, even Sparky. Last year we lost the semi-finals at Nats due to 47 pushing us over and loosing our battery. It’s a hard nock life (no breaking into song please) and we have had our own problems to overcome.

Good luck in the future, and stick to it. I sometimes forget the importance of FIRST and how it all comes out at the regionals. Regionals are where we get new sponsors and teachers to come aboard since it’s what FIRST is all about.