Thanks to all who made our rookie season amazing!

I just wanted to take this time to thank a whole bunch of people and teams.

Thank you to 191 and 1126 for letting us visit you the first weeks of the build season.

Thank you to 1126 for letting us use your bearing blocks from last year and this year.

Thank you to 340 for the constant encouragment and support, the use of your practice field, and the miscellaneous parts.

Thank you to everyone we partnered with and against at Annapolis, and made our perfect record in the qualifying rounds possible.

Thank you to 16 and 449 for the amazing run through the finals at Annapolis.

Thanks to Greg Ross from 330 for helping us get our programming computer working correctly

Thank you to Nelson Green and Bailey Boehm and the rest of 1108 for NRLB, and for being constant encouragment when I walked by.

Thank you to 340 for the drill motor mount that FIRST was out of and we needed to get back up and running, and for the eyebolt we needed.

Thank you to 980 and Robert Hogg for being willing to give us the above motor mount.

Thank you to Matt Driggs and Tim Deering and the rest of 330 for giving us a tire patch kit.

Thank you to 222 for picking us, even after we beat you in Annapolis.

Thank you to 64 for being our partners. Too bad we didn’t get to do the Gila Dance.

Thank you to Glenn from 60 for helping me track down a drill press when we mangled our arm in the finals. And thank you to team 56 for providing that drill press.

Thank you for the 4 teams that responded to our plea over the loud speaker for 3/4" aluminum tubing to fix the above mangling of our arm.

Thank you to everyone who provided vices for us to use several times throughout the competition.

Thank you to Ed from 191 and Alex from 1126 for being great supporters on these boards.

Thank you to Mike Wade for the practice field which we used often to tune our autonomous, and for helping us find last minute funding for nationals.

Thank you to Principal Michael Belmont for being the most energetic of us all at Nationals.

Thanks to all who made our rookie season amazing!

it was amazing to see how the other rochester teams help so much to help a rookie team, even help them enough so that they won a regional! congrats on that and congrats with how far you guys got in the champs! hope too see many more rookie teams pop up next year for the Finger Lakes Regional, here in Rochester, New York

Thanks to Finney for helping to spread FIRST in the Rochester area. May you stay around for the long haul and continue to grow with us! :slight_smile: