Thanks to Ben Zimmer and Greg McKaskle

Many of us owe great thanks to these guys. I’ll bet there are a lot of teams who are up and running successfully on LabView because of Ben’s and Greg’s willingness to share great info.

Ben’s tip jar videos at were timely, easy to understand for LabView rookies, easily accessible (for those of us who watched 'em more than once :)), and right on point for people trying to implement LabView on their bots.

Greg’s responses on this site were patient, informative, and clear, and it seemed to me that questions got answered pretty darn quick. Its always good to get something from an official source too.

Hopefully you guys will let people know what events you are going to be at… it would be great to meet you and say thanks in person!

Thanks from Team 65!

Team 2609 would like to thank Ben for his online help, and several programming seminars! Ben was a great help to our programming efforts. Visit and check out his work.

Team 1089 would also like to thank Ben for all his help through his online videos. It was all because of you that we were able to have our robot programmed this year. It was even great that the videos were so well put together that all of us who watched the videos were able to easily teach the others who were not able to. We were also able to help out some teams out at the NJ regional thanks to your help. So, for all those we helped, it was because of Ben’s help! Thank you so much.


Thanks so much for these kind words.

Drew: there is no greater compliment to an educator than knowing the student has become the teacher. (Makes a good 80’s Kung Fu movie line too).

I have said this many times throughout my videos and comments, but helping out FIRST teams has been, by far, the highlight of my past few months.

I wish everyone good luck at their various regionals. I will be at the Toronto and Richmond regionals, and most likely going to the finals in Atlanta (hopefully along with team 843!) So, fire me off a note if you’ll be there. I’d love to chat.

As an aside, I am actively looking for suggestions people may have for additional materials I can prepare to help during the off-season and for next season. If any teachers, mentors, or especially students have suggestions for me, please feel free to email me directly, or to throw a comment or testimonial up at

Also, I have some “I Learned LabVIEW Online @” stickers and buttons made up. If anyone was interested in having me mail some to your team to wear at your regionals, I’d be happy to.


I wholeheartedly agree with Ken.

Thanks so much! :smiley:

I’ve really enjoyed my involvement in FIRST. When I worked on the NXT SW a few years ago, I learned about FLL and thought it was greatest. Now that I’ve worked on FRC I get to see even more great things that FIRST does. I hope to expand my involvement in the years to come.

As for events, I’ll be in Atlanta and at the Dallas event with my family. My daughter is four and thinks that I work on robots all day. Since you guys really do, it is probably going to blow her mind. I can’t wait to take her through the pits.

Greg McKaskle

I keep an eye on CD for important stuff that our team should know about. I couldn’t tell you the differnce between a 1 and a O or a VI and a IV , but i did know that when these guys posted, it was important. Thank you.