Thanks to FRC 16 - New Controls Workshop

On behalf of all the St. Louis area teams that attended, particularly FRC 931 (my team :slight_smile: who provided their workspace as a venue), I want to thank FRC 16 The Bomb Squad. They came all the way from Mountain Home, Arkansas, to spend a full day with us presenting their overview of the new system, and the features / issues they identified while testing it on their 2008 practice robot. The presentation, demonstrations, and informal discussions shared by over 50 participants should go a long way toward developing our area teams’ confidence in the new system as we prepare for the 2009 season.

The Bomb Squad’s workshop today was thorough, professional, and most of all extremely helpful. Exactly the kind of high-class performance that they’ve been known for at dozens of FIRST events since 1996.

Super cool… Team 16 was also in Kansas City at the first-ever “Cow Town Throwdown” two weeks ago, demonstrating this same system. Kudos to the Bomb Squad!!

Andy B.

I was one of 5 from team 1098 there and would like to thank both the members of team 16 for the GREAT information and team 931 for hosting. You all put a lot of effort in this and we really thank you for this. FIRST is a great community of people.



Thank you to the St. Louis teams for letting us hang out with you all day. Gateway High School (home of team 931) is an amazing place and we were honored to be there. It was so nice to visit with other teams outside of the crush of a competition. We are so isolated here; we really enjoyed the fellowship!

It was a good experience for our programming student who came along to talk about LabView - he’s not a big talker and it went very well and gained him some confidence. One of our HoF/business group/publicity students was able to connect with a new team and offer to help them get started on “selling” their team/team image, etc. Like I said, it was great to enjoy a day with such a wonderful FIRST community.

Mr. Dressel gave a lovely looks-like-swiss-cheese item from their 3D printer to my son. John Taylor took it to school today. He is so proud of it that it has not left his side except for the time I made him leave it in the car during church yesterday. We decided it was already “holy.”:rolleyes:

Thanks again and we are looking forward to seeing all the St. Louis teams at their regional next March. We drove by the new venue at St. Louis U. It is certainly impressive, but I will miss slipping on the ice at Family Arena!