Thanks to many people- your name could be here.

Posted by Erin at 03/26/2001 7:19 AM EST

Other on team #65, Huskie Brigade, from Pontiac Northern High School and GM Powertrain.

I would like to thank the academy…
Teams 382, 308, 469, 573 and 65 (My Team!) for being an awesome alliance (esp. 382 and 308 who made that alliance happen) and there are some other teams I would like to thank, personally:
Team 1, for shooting last year’s movie up on the wall so I had something to watch in the pits (I was famous there for a second or two), Team 5, for confiding in me (Hi Dave… hope everything is working out) and for not picking me up with their gripper… Team 27 for their awesome award and for sharing seats with us on Saturday (thank you thank you thank you), Team 33 just for being cool (they say that winning once can be a fluke, doing it again proves your the best), team 47 for having so many wonderful people who I like spending time with, team 66 for being an awesome pit partner (and having squishy penguins), team 67 for having a lot of friendly, spirited people; team 68 for that same thing as well; team 70 for being gracious pit partners; team 85 for the same reason I thanked 33 for; team 94 for having two nice mascots (I have a beanie baby for you guys); team 182- congrats!; team 221, for helping out our scouting people and just for being nice guys and girls (thanks Jason and Justin- happy 16th birthday!! LOL); for 314- you guys our like our brother team, you helped us get spirit when we were down, and it was awesome cheering with you and spending time with you (and sharing flags with you); motown live wires- for being a cool team with a pretty robot; team 308- for helping pick us and for having a nice robot and a lot of nice students (two awards in one day with a finalist award- pretty nice!); team 382 for being high up enough to pick us (THANKS!! MUCHOS GRACIAS!!); 469- for being a really cool team with a fast robot and focused drivers; 573 for being an exemplary rookie; and any other team i forgot that had touched my heart during the weekend. You made GLR special for me for the 3rd and final time. Thanks!!!