Thanks to MORE Robotics, team 1714 for Beta System demo

Here is a well-deserved thank you to the students and mentors on team 1714, MORE Robotics, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lead mentor Mike Wittman, along with students Sarah, Ben, AJ, and Collin put on a wonderful presentation to the Indiana FIRST teams here in Kokomo today.

There were 159 team members in attendance, along with a young baby and a dog. All were attentive and impressed.

Thank you to team 1714 and Rockwell Automation for sponsoring their trip to Indiana.

Also, thanks to our local National Instruments sales engineers for putting on a summary training session for this morning’s technical workshop. It was good to see both the LabVIEW and Windriver systems demonstrated (1714 is programming in Windriver).

Kudos to the Chris Elston and Vince Flezewski, leaders of Indiana FIRST for putting this together and Ivy Tech for hosting the event. All Indiana FRC teams in attendance are much smarter than we were yesterday.

Andy B.

i second that, Thanks MORE and thanks NI for all the helpful tips and information given to all the Indiana teams. 1714 was very knowledgeable of the system and also explained how to read the BETA manual for use to save time and not do things and have to take it apart ( witch would suck ) :cool:

now i cant wait for Team 1018 to get the new system :smiley:

Hear, hear. The presentations given by 1714 and the fellows from NI certainly helped soothe my fears and doubts about the new control system. Thanks for making the trip to Kokomo, hopefully in the future we’ll be able to return the favor. Kudos to Vince and Chris for setting it all up.
And thank you to Andy Baker for the tour of the AndyMark headquarters. More than a couple kids on 1529 said it was better than a candy store.

Barry asked me to distribute the Labview power points. Here is Session #1. I think I’ll have Session #2 soon. I think…

Download Link

It was too large for CD Media, I tried but I couldn’t upload it. So I posted it on FRC Soft.

Thank you all for your kind comments. It was a pleasure getting to meet all the teams that attended. We were talking on the way back home about how cool it is that you can go anywhere there is a FIRST team and you will feel right at home.

As we get caught up with the too many things we are involved in I will try to spend more time on CD to answer questions about the new control system. Just a reminder that FIRSTforums is also a good site for control system questions. We can also be reached through our website: if we can be of any further assistance.