Thanks to our partners!

Big thanks to 271 and 870! You guys were great.

271 had an amazing shooter, fast, accurate and downright scary :slight_smile:
870 played great defense, especially when they held the POBOTs off the ramp, that is the only reason we won I think, they also have a very scary shooter :slight_smile:

To the finalist alliance, you guys played a great match til the very end, even through five matches you never relented, thanks for making this a great regional with us.

I also want to thank the Regional crew, they put in a lot of work to keep things running smoothly in just about no time, they were put in a serious crunch and you could almost not tell, great job!

Thank you 358 and 870! You guys were amazing alliance partners with very very strong robots.

And I also thank the finalist teams, who gave us very tough matches, over and over and over again.