Thanks to team 180!

The past 6 weeks have been some of the best in my entire life. With Great Mentors, Veterans, and Parents, SPAM has given me a new outlook on everything. From learning to gracious proffesionalism, there is nothing but positive experiences to be found from 180 and FIRST in general.

SPAM has given me a chance to see Friends that went to another highschool, learn more than I ever have about machining and general handiwork, develop honest and proffesional competing attitudes, and have the most fun that any highschool program has to offer. 

Thanks for the experience and I look forward to my first FIRST competitions and 3 more years of SPAM! :cool:

you forgot the periods between the s,p,a,m…sounds like the meat help you out…just teasing…

i’m glad a rookie or two or few walked away with a lot from this season…it’s a lot of fun and i hope s.p.a.m. continues to stay alive for you…it’s the a great “family” to be apart of…i’m sad to be leaving but i see we are in good hands with great mentors to help you all out…

on behalf of the s.p.a.m. family you are welcome!! and the FIRST community i’m sure is glad to have you join us all. it’s a great thing we are all in and the fun well never ends ever it seems which is great.