Thanks to team 980 Thunderbots

A special thanks goes out to team 980 the Thunderbots for picking us for finals at San Diego’s Battle at the Border today. Admittedly, we did not put on our best show in the qualifying rounds, but 980 saw through that and knew that we would be the right choice for finals. It was so much fun to finally play with you guys instead of against you. Sorry our chain broke in that last match but we had never broken one before and the cirumstances in this match were beyond our control. Anyhow, we look forward to another exciting partnership with you in the future!

-Team 696 the Circuit Breakers

PS. Thanks for the help providing/testing batteries. That was great.

Team 980 is the best, i have the most respect for you guys. wish i could have been down there to compete too. If any of you know Chris from 980, tell him Dave says “hey”. you guys rock, I’m going to miss you next year.