Thanks to teams 2586 and 2771

Team 65 would like to say THANK YOU to teams 2586 and 2771 for allowing us to be part of your alliance at Kettering. Our #6 alliance overcame some tough challenges and had a lot of fun doing it!

You guys on 2586 were pretty calm and collected, and I was impressed with your grace under pressure. You made some good calls as our alliance captain. We got to autograph your bot too! Thanks!

2771, you were not calm at all. You were crazy! My name for you is Big Loud Red. Your pit team was really on the ball, keeping the robot in running order. I looked over once and you had the whole ball transport belt out of the robot, but you managed to keep running strong.

Congrats to 245, 70, 2619 on your win - you guys were awesome. 2619 absolutely schooled us with your moves.

There were a few people who ALWAYS seemed to be working hard for the teams in attendance: Dan Kimura, Ronnie Tront, Mike Martus and other 47ers, and the queuers - thanks for making things run and for keeping it fun.