Thanks to the MOE pitcrew

On behalf of our competition team and the rest of MOE, i would like to tank our pit crew.

For those of you who were not at Dexel: in one of our matches, our right wing was completely decimated. With 15 minutes before the next match, our pit crew built, wired up, and attatched an entirely new wing.

this was just one incident though. MOE takes a beating almost every match and our pit always seems to be able to repair MOE to not just working order, but to excellent condition.

"I now know why they don’t let us on pit crew, Rishad. Because if we were, we would probably drive less recklessly and it might cost us a match. But since we don’t have to fix it, we are like ‘Ah, well’ " ~Brian Gattman (our captain and wingman)

i guess its a combination of great adults(all hail pit lord Lou), great students, and great organization that makes our pit crew one of the best, but whatever it is, they are unbelievable and they need a huge cogratulation

Sounds like you want to thank them, not tank them.:smiley:

we were right next to you guys in philly and your pit crew was amazing, yes and your arm took quite a beating every match.


Congratulations guys