Thanks Vex and AndyMark!

I placed our last build season order today (one more encoder and one more piece of ThunderHex) and this was the response

14 minutes from order to shipping confirmation. Amazon can’t touch that!

We have had great service this season form the two mainstay vendors Vex Robotics and AndyMark and I just wanted to say

:smiley: Thanks Ya’ll!:smiley:

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We have been extraordinarily pleased with the response from both of these terrific FIRST supporters…

They have gotten us out of a number of self-inflicted jams by their prompt service.

AndyMark and VEX we salute you!!

Agreed, great response from both Vex and AndyMark this year (as always). Also great response from Lee Spring in Brooklyn, Bolt Depot, and whoever Jeff ordered sensors from. Everybody’s done great on getting us stuff quickly this year. Except that we’re still waiting on pneumatic cylinders and probably won’t have them by Tuesday:( .

Also agree!! Both have been excellent to our team this year!!

If only other companies followed their lead when it comes to customer service my blood pressure wouldn’t spike.