Posted by Ken York at 03/18/2001 3:40 PM EST

Coach on team #476, Adidarons, from Ponca City High School and Conoco Inc./Mertz Inc./ Smith International.

First thanks to the sponsors, staff and judges at the Lone Star Regional, you did an incredible job. Thanks also to our winning alliance partners Teams 148 215 446 and 704. I tip my hat to all the teams there I agree that the judges hit the nail on the head. Team 21 thanks thanks for the “swivel dance” and the “condor” the “snake” and just a great time, yo9u make a good role model for the rest of us. Team 476 looks forward to Nationals and a chance to meet more teams.
I echo Mike’s comment on scouting. Use caution when planning strategies. I noticed the bridge several times at Houston having problems caused by going over real fast and bouncing the bridge. Our bridge here in beautiful PC OK has always balanced somewhere from a 1/4" to perfectly level.