Thanksgiving Traditions?

Happy Thanksgiving to all FIRSTers and their families!

Enjoy the time off from work and school and have a safe holiday.

Anyone have unique traditions that they want to share? :ahh:

ps – apologies in advance if this thread is started in the wrong forum… :slight_smile:

Well, we are starting a tradition this year. Many members of the RAGE Team #173 are walking in the Manchester Road Race this morning in Manchester, CT. It is a 5 mile long running or walking race. Money raised from the entry fees helps many of the local charities. So while the turkey cooks we will be hitting the road for a good cause and wearing our red bulldog shirts. It is a great way to spread the message of FIRST and have some fun.

The answer is simple family get together for lunch and dinner… well as many that can come.

Well I guess I’ll post this in here…

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Traditions are fun!!

One of mine is to watch the Macy’s parade which i’m doing as i type–I love to see the balloons :slight_smile: there are some new ones which look cool and the musicals are fun to watch too

and later always here put up the x-mas decorations and of course good food later on in the day :slight_smile:

HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! Be safe everyone and enjoy the good times!

We have one sort of unique Thanksgiving tradition- Christmas Karaoke. My niece was given a machine six or seven years ago that has about 50 Christmas songs on it and some of us (the females) sing away while the men-folk head for the hills (yes, we are that bad). This year my mother brought us all Santa hats to wear while we sang… er, bellowed… er, maybe it was more of a caterwaul…


Well, it was pretty common for us to travel up to Hendersonville, NC to have Thanksgiving with my mom’s family. But this year, we stayed here in Columbia.

Perhaps I’ll start a tradition with the Six-Hour Thanksgiving Day Radio Extravaganza. Or something like that.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition revolves around the cranberry sauce. We always serve the cranberry sauce in the exact shape of the can it came in, no mashing or cutting, just the perfect shape of the can.

Okay, just for the record, The First Lady and the other members of RAGE who walked/ran yesterday are in MUCH BETTER shape than I!

I am stiff all over and the “5 mile” race ended up being very close to 8 miles by the time we walked form the bus shuttle! But it was fun to do (except for the huge hill) and I look forward to joining the team next again next year!

My grandmother lives there too! That’s cool.

As for me, it’s traditional for all the women in the family to give eachother ornaments at Thanksgiving to kickoff the Christmas season. I’ve only been included for a couple years now, but I will have enough ornaments to cover a good-sized tree when I get my own.

Well my friends n I build gingerbread houses every thanksgiving, it’s really fun. like my gingerbread house looks pretty like this
my friend’s looked like a retarded elf lives there, but after I stuck some random buttons on there, it looks like a REALLY retarded elf lives there. :smiley: