Thansk for CURIE (and more)

I want to thank everyone that made this year’s Championship Event such a great event. I think that it was the best Championship Event yet. A few improvements could be made, but it’s getting better all the time.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to one of the classiest teams in all of FIRST: team 47 - Chief Delphi. For those that don’t know, Pontiac Northern and Pontiac Central are rival schools, just like most neighor schools (example: think Florida/Florida State, UCLA/USC, etc.). However, the relationship is more like siblings: big rivalry, but they will stick up for each other. During the eliminations on Curie, I looked up into the stands to see an ocean of orange shirts as team 47 came over to cheer for their fellow Pontiac team. To me, that was my highlight of the event.

I also want to thank team 121 for picking us for the eliminations. Our weekend was up and down, but you picking us and our alliance’s performance in the elim’s was difinitely the most “up” we’ve been.

Also thanks to 1511 for being such great alliance partners - you were a great team with a great robot, and a lot of fun to work with.

Thanks also to all of my friends within FIRST for making this a weekend to remember.

I wanted to thank teams 65 and 1511 for being our partners in the elims. Our scouting team consisted of myself and another URI student and we spent the entire competition watching matches. Funny thing is, neither one of us had ever scouted before :ahh: ! Making our final list for picking, team 65 was towards the very top and I was very excited we picked you. I loved your auto mode and you looked to be getting better as the competition went on. Team 1511 was a solid all-around pick: they could score, play nasty defense, and get on the ramp. Too bad we couldn’t make a further run, but I had an awesome time. Good luck to all for the rest of the off-season!


I want to thank everyone in curie, it was an awesome competition and evreyone played a hard game of aim high.

I want to especially thank team 121 and 65 for picking us, we couldnt have asked for more in alliance partners. I really enjoyed coaching with you guys, and it was the most fun I have had being involved in the quarters and semi’s. We played the best we could, and I hope to be able to work with both of you in the future.


I will prolly have more thanks later. :rolls eyes:

I wanna give a big thanks to teams 79 an 469 for giving us a chance in the finals. We worked so hard to get to championships only to see our hopes slip further down the qualifying brackets, but these teams were confident in us and great to work with! Also a big thanks to all the volunteers.

Thanks to team 503 for picking us :).

I have to extend a huge thanks to our great parters during the Curie elimination rounds. Although we did not get that far in the playoffs, I was a big fan of our alliance and am thankful for all that you did to help us.

Having the privelage to ally with team 65 was something I have been waiting to do again since we had that honor in 2001. We have had some very memorable battles with the huskies, but for me non is more memorable than the ones we had on the same side this year. You guys are a model FIRST team, thank you so much.

Our 2nd partner, team 1511 is a great new team that will be a chairman’s team one day (probably soon) and we thank you for the privelage of working with you after playing against you both at Boston and Atlanta.

On a side note, I was thrilled to get to work with Ken Patton again. I remember meeting Ken after our matches against team 65 in both 1997 and 1998, and our match with them in 2001. I have a tremendous respect for Ken, and have been waiting to see this alliance for quite a while. It was at championships when Ken won the Woddie Flowers award that I first understood what that award, and being a great mentor are all about.

As always, I look forward to seeing both of our amazing partners next year and hope that we will be able to play together again.


Some people around these parts didn’t understand why I was soooo excited about our team getting picked by 121. You guys are in my opinion one of the historic awesome teams. Being able to ally with 121 will go down in my book as one of the best experiences I’ve had.

All those memories about great battles on the field, in 1997 qualifying trying unsuccessfully to escape “death from below,” in 1998 semifinals me missing the fact that your HP still had one ball left (WHERE was he hiding it???) - those are great memories that have stuck with me. As a result, I always root for 121.

To be noticed and then picked by you guys was an honor - as Chris already said, thank you. You coached us well - we learned some new skills on the field as a result. I wish we could have been more consistent for you. In the end though, we did our best, and we are happy.

Thanks for the ride,

And to those new 1511 “upstarts,” you guys were key in helping us fit into the right role in the alliance. Great coaching and driving! I was impressed with your calm skills on and off the field. Thanks for everything! Oh, and, uh, nice pants :slight_smile:

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*Oh, and, uh, nice pants *

It takes pants to know pants! Thanks for the compliment!

All the teams in curie were pretty good this year, there was some pretty stiff competition.