That Atkins thing is invading our world... Oh the humanity. When will it end???

Krispy Kreme to Make Low-Carb Doughnuts


My mom had a great idea… to put the whole family on the South Beach Diet. Yeah, pray for me. I think it’ll last a week, as for me, I’ll cheat.

Low carb doughnut? That defeats almost every law of nature!!!

I tried the Atkins diet thing … it worked, I lost twelve pounds the first two weeks I was on it. But after eating just eggs, cheese, bacon, and chicken (and drinking just water) I was getting bored and just didn’t want to eat at all (though I suppose not eating anything would cause you to lose a few pounds :p) So that was the end of that.

Yay Weight Watchers :yikes:

low carb doughnut? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Well, on second thought…

I guess it’s a lot better than putting “speed-holes” in humans! :ahh:

Low… Carb…Doughnut

How can those three words be used together in a sentence? Oh, when will it end!

And why wouldn’t that work? :yikes:

Taking all bets! 1-2 odds on Dave Lavery jumping all over this thread!

Which reminds me, I need to make that obligatory “pro-Dunkin’ Donuts comment”.

::scarfs down a Blueberry Cake Dunkin’ Donut::

Yay, Dunkin’ Donuts!


I recently saw a cartoon where someone said they had eaten a low-carb donut for breakfast and when the other person asked them what flavor it was they answered “Chicken”.


“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here.” Alice in Wonderland

We had a flower sign back home like that for a while around mother’s day, it was quite funny.

… I know I for one am looking forward to the new KK. I have been quite limited (as in maybe 3 or 4 a year). I have been on Atkins since April 1, 2001, and have lost over 60 lbs. Right now, its Atkins for life, just maintaining the low carb lifestyle is the key, and wait for new things to come out! :slight_smile:

I have very little faith in the high protein low carb diet.

Namely, as effective as it is, I can’t belive that it can be healthly over long periods of time. Anytime you skew your diet that much, and basicly cut out an entire food group(s), you run a very high risk of malnutrition. Several friends have tried to go with this diet, and a few months in were complaining of joint pain and the such. After going back to a normal diet, this went away. I suspect they had given themselvs a case of vitimin C deficiency because of the lack of anything but meat and nuts.

Obviously, they didn’t plan thier diet very well. But, I still belive that a high carb, low meat diet with exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight (or, more likely fat). Maybe not the easiest, but hey, I like bread.

-Andy A.

If you take on any diet, you need to consult a physician and a nutritionist for the best success and care. With the both of them, I have liver and kidney functions checked every so often along with other things, have a variety of vitamins, and MUST include certain foods once a week in my regiment to stay off of certain vitamins. All in all its about balance.

I work in a grocery store…half the people on Atkins only buy the “atkins” ice cream and cookies and bars. I want to scream at them over their stupidness…

If you are going to do a diet…you have to eat what is actually on the plan not just the junk food of it.

stops before she continues too much b/c she could go on forever

Ok, here is the most annoying part about the Atkins thingy that I have seen…

When I was in HS, we were told by our coach to eat some pasta with loads of carbs the night before a game, cause carbs give you time released energy, unlike candy bars which give you just a burst of energy when you need it.
So, I’m thinking that Carbs make energy.

Therefore; No carbs = no energy. Just what we need when the population of this country is already turning into a country of couch potatoes…
(Mmm… Potatoes… <drool>)

Introducing, The Ogre Diet!!!

High Carb, High protein, High fat, High EVERYTHING!!!

A normal day would consist of cereal at around noon, a sandwhich (of any kind, the bigger the better) between 2-3, diner (steak, chicken, pork, it doens’t matter) at around 6 and the garbage meal* around 11.
Note: Meals may be added or subtracted as the dieter sees fit.

*Garbage meal does not include eating waste, but unhealthy food, such as chips, cookies, goldfish, or whatever is in your pantry.

Here’s what I had for dinner tonight, I thought I did such a good job I had to take a picture. Yes, I made it myself.

Sorry about the double post, but:

Thats the whole point of the Atkins. The body isn’t digesting any carbs, so instead it turns on itself and uses up the fat. The protein and vitamins, however are still there to nourish the body so you don’t die. :smiley:

So, where exactly can you buy IHOP dishes? :stuck_out_tongue: Is there an IHOP retail store or something?

That’s what I’m wondering!

Err…ummm…I…gues you have to work there. My dad got them along time ago. :smiley:

I’ve always had my doubts about the Atkins diet, but the other day when I was watching TV my doubts were made true.

A study was released that after 6 months of the Atkins diet, people who continued the diet actually gained back some of the initial weight they had lost…and that a low fat diet would have less results in 6 months, but have much better results in a long term usage (after 6 months).

Ill see if i can find a copy of that story somewhere

i’ve heard that the atkins diet can actually cause serious health problems. :ahh:

i do, however, think the diet is partially true. fat is not the main problem, but neither are all carbs. SUGAR is what makes us chubby. this is because fat fills us up and takes longer to digest. **fat takes 7 hours to leave the stomach, while sugar only takes 1 hour, leaving us hungry again much sooner. ** thats why we need to watch out for sugar. soda is the worst offender in our society. as long as we don’t have a ton of fat, and avoid sugar whenever possible, we will be fine. for a dessert, try low-fat, no sugar added ice cream, you’d be very surprised how good it still is. (just don’t get sugar-free, then it tastes fake)

no hot fudge brownies!!!