That cRIO simulator mentioned at Kick-Off

You know, the one mentioned with the new changes along with the game simulator.

I was wondering if that was a website or something, as I’m not seeing anything like it in the KoP. Anyone mind helping me out? (put in programming directory as it has to deal with it…sort of.)

From my understanding it’s in LabView, not sure if it works with C++ or Java.

Here is the power point from our beta test presentation that we did a few weeks ago. Our team tested the LabVIEW software, including the simulator. Basically, when you create a new LabVIEW project, you get the option to choose a simulated robot. Then you develop your code as usual, keeping in mind the options available on your robot. These can be found in Robot Simulation Readme.html document in the My Computer section of your robot project. Once you create your code, you go into robot main, right click the box in the lower left, and change the target to My Computer. Then, press the white run arrow in the top bar, and it will launch a simulation that runs just like your regular robot. Make sure you use a decent computer (so don’t try it on your classmate).

The first file is a word 2007-2010 file, the second one is word 97-2003

beta test open (2.4 MB)
beta test open (2.62 MB)

beta test open (2.4 MB)
beta test open (2.62 MB)

Well that’s unfortunate. We were so excited for the ability to program without a bot. :frowning:
Back to unit testing, I guess.

while we’re on the topic, I have a question too

My team is under the impression that we need an autocad model in order to use the simulator (and if that’s the case, it’s pretty useless for us). Is this the case, or can I test the code without a custom model and such?

Out of the box, you get some generic robots on a field that has some bumps and a bridge like in 2012 (thought not the same geometry) Also a loose ball on the field. You can choose arcade or tank drive with or without an arm for the generic bots.

I did also hear about the cRIO sim at kickoff, and I was so excited to finally be able to code without the bot and get exact results. However, a few weeks ago, I had found this nice library - - I’m still unsure about C++ sims, but knowing the FRC community, there’s one out there. If I stumble across one, I will be sure to report back here.

The simulator shouldn’t really have been called a cRIO simulator or a vxWorks simulator. It is a robot simulator. It runs your WPILib code on the PC and that communicates to the generic NI Robot Simulator containing a FIRST specific model that is approximately a kitbot with lots of sensors. At the moment, only LV has the communications integrated into its WPILib implementation.

Greg McKaskle

Likewise for us. If anyone is interested in more documentation, here are some of our beta testing results:

The two most useful would probably be the presentation itself and possible the Task 4 (Simulator) description if you would be interested in reading a more rambling thought process

If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them, since I did a lot of work with the simulator in beta testing. While it doesn’t completely replace your robot, it is nice to be able to make sure your code runs properly and doesn’t have any errors, as well as testing logic, etc.