That one weird thing your team has/does

Every team has at least one, we have the clay figurine named “Thotticus” that we have stashed on top of our cabinets and worship for good luck. We also have the steak knife, which is just an old, dull steak knife we use for various tasks around the lab. The steak knife has not always been the same physical knife either, we have had two in my time. There’s also the old hatchery in our lab that we use for wheel storage, it looks something like this but about twice as long, we refer to it as the “wheel breeder”.

Whenever we find something shameful or just worth remembering in general, we stick it to our wall of shame with some KoP double-sided tape. The wall has grown very large, and it’s only about a year old. It’s got everything from sketchy hand-cut bars to dead and disassembled motor controllers to waterlogged 3d prints and more. Generally, if we find something bad, it goes on the wall, regardless of what it is.

(This photo is from early May, and the wall has since grown by ~50%)

We uhhhhhh…bought 1000 chicken nuggets. You can see it on our insta @frc2607. We pooled $100 cause it was 10 for $1 at Burger King


1817 has a really weird tradition with stuffed animals. We have a shibe plush named Gerbert, and a FIRST teddy bear named Ace The Space Bear. We take them to comps, they’re best friends, sometimes.

For reference, here’s Thotticus

Whenever the Chicken Dance plays, my team turns our numbers (3656) into Eggs and we chant “EGGS! EGGS! EGGS!”

We also had a team member who acquired many lemons from other teams (shoutout to 5530, 67, and 1076 in particular), drew faces on all of them as well as names, and then handed them out to all the teams in our division at MSC this past year. Then oranges from the hotel breakfast were acquired by a different team member, and they were turned into the “nemesi” of the lemons. We also have a cyborg lemon named Bryce X which is currently in someone’s freezer, with his electronics being stored elsewhere.

In short, eggs and lemons for 3656 (And yes I know that’s technically two things).


We do this too, they are stored next to our awards in the award cabinet.

Not particularly weird, but we have a fairly large wrench that we like to bring to events. We never plan on using it, nor do i think we ever have, but people seem to get a kick out of it. It’s definitely overbuilt, which fits the team’s persona very well IMO.

I’d like to get it powder coated in our colors.

At the end of a team discussion at the end of a meeting I walk to the center and yell “Alright four on three!!” Once everyone is gathered we go “Alright four on three, 1, 2, 3, 4!!”


We make small pompom bordies (yes, bordies, not birdies) and hide them in… interesting places.

The ugly ones go in the fridge.


If a scouting spreadsheet does not contain a lone lowercase h, is it really all that useful?


this thing


Well, that’s one way to keep the team size from getting out of hand: No Food!

That purple thing probably scares away a few more.

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Reposting from this thread:

In the early days, we pretty much always entered competition with some part of the robot held together by c-clamps. We had these little blue ones that fit well into tight robot spaces. We’ve gotten a little better as a team, so we don’t need the clamps as often, but we still 3D print some and put them on the robot for good luck.

We also have a disgustingly dirty stuffed chicken that sings and dances to the chicken dance. It’s irritating, so we put it on the top rack of the stock metal storage area so that people don’t trigger it. Once or twice a season, someone climbs up and shakes it, to a chorus of 20% laughter, 80% groans.

Is it really good luck if the c-clamps aren’t clamping anything? Trust me, clamp that sucker onto something; Instant world championship win. Try it. I bet my worn out, broken, way too old, in dire need of replacement, shoes on it. I’ll even sign them for you if I’m wrong. 100% guaranteed to work!

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They’re clamping our unwarranted optimism to the robot.


Our welding lead will weld a washer to a random place on the robot for good luck. We always joke that that will put us overweight

The only steady thing I can think of for 3946 across all its years is the t-shirt launching air cannon, which has never been the same more than two years in a row so far. The 2012-2013 version was built on a nanotube chassis and had neither elevator nor azimuth control; the 2014-2015 version had an elevator, but no azimuth control, the 2016 version was a bit lighter but had azimuth control and no elevator. The 2017 version was much lighter, was still built on the nanotube frame, but had neither azimuth nor elevator control. In summer 2018, we abandoned the nanotube frame* and mounted the air cannon in a large golf cart, where it has a fixed 45 degree altitude, but a freely rotating azimuth control. I understand that this same cannon was used in the 2019 Mardi Gras parades.

* That nanotube frame was then utilized as a mecanum practice chassis, and equipped with a driver chair.