That perpetual machine on the tubes

I tend to not believe anything like this… Most of what the guy is saying sounds like its crud. I usually firmly believe that basic laws of physics tend to hold true… And I also tend to think there is a giant battery under that table, but please explain at least what he thinks is causing this… And why it is utter crap…

i couldn’t watch all of it… the guys voice was too boring, lol

While I (mostly) understand why he says it works, I’m not very good at explaining it. Try jumping around wikipedia (and reading the sources) to get some idea.

And to explain why it does or doesn’t work, we can simply use the fact that our concept of time may be broken (and thus making it impossible to measure power :wink: ).

Unless this man can prove that the output power is greater than or equal to the input power, this is not real perpetual motion.