That poor robot!

I was recently watching old game animations, and I noticed something funny. In all the games with balls (2004, 2006, 2008) when the voice over says “Robots must be built robustly…” and then it shows a game piece (or several) dropping on the same robot every year, the low blue one that looks like a snowplow. Why is that? I feel kind of bad for that robot now, it’s always in the wrong place in the wrong time. Your thoughts?

BTW, who does the voice overs for those animations?

so do i this year i think that robot should be given a break. It would be funny if next year the robot would seek revenge for getting destroyed so often.:yikes:

Matthew Simpson
Team 75 Leadership/leadership

Ha, I feel worse about Wall-e. Poor little guy… er I mean robot.

Dave Lavery does the voice over for the one seen at kickoff.

For the one shown before regionals, Blair Hundertmark (official FIRST Announcer and MC extraordinaire) does the VO.

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That robot does not have the proper matterial to touch the game piece/is not big enough to tough game objects/is not going to be capable of being hurt/is magnetically attracted to danger.
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My guess is that it has to do with the plow. It might be a reference to the rule about it being illegal to have wedge like sides [G32…letter I forgot].

Plowey! :smiley:

edit: in light of recent movies, spelling might be changed to Plow-e

Poor little Plow-e
I always do feel bad for that robot it’s so cute!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I show old game animations to my friends and they go “Aww!” when Plow-e gets pelted.

I think the reason they pick him, is because he is the most robust robot on the videos I’ve seen. Some of those in the videos, probably would break if you pelted them with balls.

Little kids would be mortified if they saw that big rubber hand sheared off by a big ball

I don’t understand why nobody has made plowey yet, it can win in any game.

I always think of that robot as “Rhodewarrior 2003”… :wink: There is a striking similarity.

Poor robots? Poor family. The holidays in your home must be a real…ummm… treat. Reality TV fodder for sure.

“Today, we visit the Lavery family on holiday break in suburban VA. On the surface this looks like a very normal and well adjusted family with very successful and professional parents. However, father Dave has some deep seeded issues that rear their head every winter season when he turns every hard drive in the county into a render farm in his living room. Instead of feasting on holiday cheer and recharging their batteries, this family spends the break listening to their father mutter self-deprecating comments and are forced to name wacky animated robots without eating anything but chips, salsa, and diet coke until the new year rings in.”:yikes:

I think every year the first joke we make is about building one of the bots from the game animation. The only time I’ve seen anyone do it is 2008 with 2337 and the kicking bot. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the robots at the Midwest Regional looked like this year’s “basket bot”, complete with rollers and basket.

I saw a team this year that did something similar( 100% covered in bumpers, mabye 8" high, top covered in cardbord).

Did Plowey have proper bumper coverage this year? At least one of the other animation bots clearly didn’t, and a third was suspect. :rolleyes:

Proof that the bumper rules were poorly worded in the initial manual! Even Dave couldn’t figure them out. :wink:

I apologize that this post added nothing to this conversation.

But that was the only rules violation I saw this year in the video. Dave always has a fun time meeting his deadlines for the video, before the rules are firmed up. There, back on track.