The 118 Streak has been broken!

With the conclusion of the semi finals at Hub City, 118’s streak has been ended. 118 held an insane run of 13 straight regional wins, something that truly speaks to the incredible robots they put out every single year! 1477, 3847 and 159 defeated their alliance in a stunning upset. Congrats to their alliance and to 254 for now holding the longest active regional winning streak at 9.

I think every streak is in danger this year based of off the unpredictable way these matches play out during the last 30 seconds. Steamworks will be really upset heavy.

Those climbing points are extremely important. Will not be surprised if a team is picked purely for the reason that they can climb, 150 points is too much to not care about.

Will we see any climbing cheesecakes? :yikes:

118’s last pick had a cheesecake climber on them.

Seeing 118 fall during their climb made me feel physical pain. Props to them for still being able to play at all after those falls. Impressive performance from all the robots on the field in general.

Yeah after the alliance selection I had a feeling 118 wasn’t going to be able to pull it off, but the two falls are what really did it.

That and their alliance partner had a gear get stuck in their robot for awhile.

I was rooting for spectrum and Texas torque but it’s nice to see an 8th seed win

4104 has a climber cheesecaked on

I want to thank 118, 624, and 5550 for giving us incredible semi final matches today. It was great to play against (and with) some truly incredible teams.

I also want to thank their alliance for letting us play on the wrong player stations. For those of you who don’t know, there was an error in the FMS that flipped the player stations of us and Spectrum. Because of our alliance’s strategy this gave our alliance a large advantage.

118 is a truly incredible team that was wonderful to be next to in the pits and incredible to play against. I honestly still can’t believe that we beat them.:ahh:

FiM Southfield 1481’s pick 5467 was a cheesecake climber, more or less. :wink:

We realized a couple of weeks ago that our climber is pretty modular, only needs a motor (though can use an Analog Input to know when to stop) and is cheesecake-worthy. We have built the climber on our practice robot to be removable and able to be placed on another robot with four bolts, or holes wherever needed in a base plate. If we have weight in our withholding allowance, that will be in it. If we’re almost there, we’ll take it apart and bring in the fabricated parts as withholding and rebuild it during the competition.

Were Circuit Breakers responsible for this, or anacortes?

Will there be cheesecake at CWU? :slight_smile:

Also at West Valley, Team 2147:CHUCK cheesecaked a climber on Shadle Park:6129.

I heard rumors that the winning alliance had also attached a climber to one of their alliance robots.

All of these teams will be at CWU week three.

Anacortes, but they took theirs back. Expect 4104 to have one for Central with some help from us though. :wink:

Yes team 5920 VIKotics cheesecaked 6076 the Mustangs. I would like to thank 1595 Dragons being a great alliance captain.

Cheesecake climbers were at Gainesville in PCH last weekend too. 4941 cheesecaked 6325. Both stellar teams! Can’t wait for States.

That’s… a lot of cheesecake. How many uncheesecaked climbing robots were at West Valley?

My scouts tell me there were in the neighborhood of 21 climbers at Auburn Mountainview, but I think they excluded 3588, 1294, and 1983. Anyone know if cheesecake happened at WAAMV?

18 teams said they could, 19 teams climbed on friday at WV according to our scouting sheets. I know at least one team (4104) had to abandon theirs mid-competition due to issues with the climber, hence the cheesecaking during elims.

I don’t remember the exact count but there were over 24 robots capable of climbing at AMV. Not all of them were particularly reliable, but as far as I know there was no cheesecake at Auburn Mountainview. Every robot in playoffs competed with the climber the team intended to be on their robot. Several teams did not successfully climb until Sunday, however.

I know Apex Robotics didn’t arrive with a cheesecake plan, but we had our spare climber which could have been attached to a partner if needed (it wasn’t since you guys were still available!) I can’t speak to other teams at the event but I believe at least a few others had plans to cheesecake a climber.

Given the prevalence of climbers on many robots, I’m hoping by DCMP and CMP there won’t really be a need to cheesecake any more, as most qualifying robots should have a decent climber already. At some smaller events, having one ready to attach to a willing team is helpful as a backup plan.

We had a cheesecake climber ready to go but didn’t need to use it with 159. We built it on Thursday just in case and have it in the bag for future events.

We made a modular climber, and then changed our design a bit. So we theoretically have a cheesecake-able climber, as long as someone else provides a Mini CIM.