The 13th match on Friday the 13th.

Just a kind of wierd thing, we were in the 13th match on friday the 13th at the L.A. regional. The announcer was saying how wierd that was, and as soon as everyone plugged in the control board, the system broke down. And we had about 4 things break on the robot. It was like an hour delay before everything was running again.
Nothing special, but wierd:confused: and we lost

As a semi-cynic I find that quite comical. But on another hand, ouch, I feel for you. We have the same few problems on our robot, our servo controlled arm (that was a poor thought last minute decision) completely broke down and all of our motors burned out! Not sure the match number XD

we had multiple errors on match 13 at SVR

I wrapped a car around a tree on October Friday the 13th 2007. Consider yourselves lucky! :slight_smile:

As far as robot failures go, I feel you on that one. We had a static related issue with our CRIO at San Diego. Soldier on, and best of luck!

This problem was apparently due to one team using a battery to supply power to their DS. The battery remained in the circuit when the competition port was connected. It appears some field components were damaged by this. Fortunately we had spares.


Volunteers fixing the problem claimed it was us who caused it. We had left the normal DS power supply plugged in, but it wasn’t plugged into anything (and there’s no battery in the board).

I suppose I believe them when they say our powersupply being left in could cause it, but to prevent misinformation from being spread, there was no battery or anything of the sort. Just a plain 'ol walwart powersupply not plugged into a wall outlet.

OK Friday the 13th . .

yesterday our drive team and out chairmans team wanted to get to the competition early, so they all got in to a suburban and left at about 7.

at 7;15 the car hydroplaned and ran in to a pole . . . it then caught fire. All the students are OK(largest injury was one ended up riping his pants) and they got there on time, but still interesting day.

Jeeze, good to know that they are ok. Sounds like they got really lucky.

We had a wheel fall off in then first match that we triple checked beforehand to make sure it would not fall off.

Our program wasn’t properly downloaded in another so we didn’t move.

And this happened Saturday but it was just so weird I have to share it:
We test our robot in the pit, it works fine, we go to the match.
We can’t move at all during the match.
We test the robot in the pit and it works fine, without changing ANYTHING.

After being underweight on our first weigh in, I knew we had blown all of our luck there for the entire regional :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as static goes we had special trailers that had a chain which dragged on the floor from the bar inbetween the hitch and trailer. It was, as Harrison from KRUNCH would say, totally legit.

Friday was our best day, we were undefeated after Friday, and one tie (but we don’t talk about that :stuck_out_tongue: ). It was a great regional as a whole and it was sooooooo exciting :smiley: .

I was one of the volunteers that was trouble shooting the problem. After we had replaced the SCC (the control unit), we figured out that it was indeed your unit. After I pulled out the A/C adapter from your DS, it turned on. Call it what you will but the problem was fixed.

We had a minor problem but was fixed, we were lucky though because look at it it was Friday the 13th, it was match 13, and our team number is 3013 well that i think is a lot of 13’s. But we had a few minor problems on friday. Most of the problems were on thursday though, the bot wouldn’t fit into the inspection box. It was crooked. well hope your regionals went well and hope to see some of you at Davis. Good luck.:slight_smile: