The 2005 Bowling Records thread

Now, bowling is a great team activity for individuals that like to throw balls at plastic things.

And Team 71 knows how well I bowl. Or at least part of Team 71 does. So that leads me to be inspired to share the progress.

My bowling record was a 31. That’s right, 3-1. Not 131. That was until Team 71 taught me to bowl (thanks guys). Then I bowled a 52. 66% improvement!

Anybody else have an inspirational bowling story?

I don’t throw tantrums any more when I blow spares.
I’d say that’s an improvement. :smiley:

GOSH! my bowling experiences!! last year on wednesday at nationals!!! anyone remember thats on wildstang? Ok well on wednesday during that day at nationals we all went bowling…and before everyone made a bet with me that they would beat me. guess who beat them all and made liek 10 bucks? ME hehehheeh i love bowling!!!

I come from a family of bowlers, well, mostly (my mother really is a bad bowler even though she’s been bowling for over 30 years). Back when I bowled in a league, my average was in the 150s. Of course, my father and brothers had averages in the 200s.

At VCU last year, we went bowling. Of course, everyone wanted to bowl on the same lane as the great Dave Lavery, but that was impossible so some of them ended up on a lane with me. I made it very interesting for them… to spice up the game, I created a rule that said the person who bowled the worse during a frame had to do something silly that I thought up (and if it was me, they could make something up for me to do). I can’t remember much of what I made them do, but I do remember one of them going up to Dave and asking him if he would read them a bedtime story that night… and someone else had to ask our engineer, Wherley, to waltz with him… It was really, really fun… for me at least since I was never the lowest bowler…


I don’t have a really good bowling story, but I know of a 45er that does.

A junior, Steven Tsay, has to be one of the worst bowlers I’ve ever seen! When he threw his first ball, he fell flat on his butt! I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He was sporting his face mask bandanna and he got up laughing. If you know the kid, he’s always hilarious, but he can be super hilarious while bowling. :rolleyes:

last saturday I had a 239 as a high game with a 582 series.

While teaching a kid to play, he threw the ball so hard it jumped the bumpers he was using, the bumpers the people next to us were using, and scored a gutter on the next lane.

Not that inspiring, I guess :-p

We were playing bumper ball (when you have to bounce the ball off of both bumpers before it hits the pins to count) and I broke one of the bumpers! :yikes:

After UTC this year when we got back we headed over to the bowling alley (2 buildings down from the school) and I won out of like the 8 of us it wasnt to hot though, I think I had like only 187 or something but second was 145 so I wasnt too bad for the group.