The 2005 Israeli Regional

Ok, we just came back from the most amazing competition ever!!!

First place was won by a team called MisCar (1574), and Team Steampunk (1577) won the rookie allstar!

you can expect to meet them both in the finals. they both have amazing robots!

our team (1578) won 6th place, and some other awards (website and sportsmanship).

but i’m not a soar loser! they had better bots, and deserved to win!

we met dean kamen, and i shook his hand and thanked him for bringing FIRST to us! :smiley:

Good luck to the israeli teams! represent us well!

feel free to ask anything you want to know about any of the teams and the regional!


team 1578 website: <------------- website award winner
team 1577 website <------------- website award winner

Does anyone have video?

There are alot of videos around, and i know that alot of TV stations came, i’m sure that the official first orginization here has a video. i will have to try and get it, i’m sure lots of people want to see it!


(1574), and Team Steampunk (1577) won the rookie allstar!

you can expect to meet them both in the finals. they both have amazing robots!

Good luck to the israeli teams! represent us well!

Does this mean that we will have Israeli teams in Atlanta!!!:yikes:

first off, congratulations on winning the website and sportsmanship award.

i noticed that you said that a single team one the regional, rather than 3 or 4 teams. was the Israeli regional played out differently than its north-american counterparts? when i saw that it would last only one day, i assumed it would still be similar to a three day regional, only having practice rounds, qualifying rounds, and finals all crammed into one day.

also i feel obligated to ask if there are any videos of the regional floating around out there.

Israeli regional; that’s exciting and encouraging that FIRST is slowly making its way around the world! How many teams participated this year, and where were they from? I can’t wait to see the videos!

**I just did a quick search of the FIRST website: here are the 12 teams signed up for the Israeli Regional.


How was the competition set up? Did you guys have practice, qualifying, and tournoment? If not, what is the set-up?

Was it a full FIRST field that the US/Canada regionals have?

Are they going to expand next year?

Will any teams be coming to the US for Champs?

yeah…and you’re gonna have me there as well…i think…
the stress didn’t let me sleep more than 2 hours last night…
but today it was worth all the hard times my team and me have been through…seeing our own creation moving there, going for the 1st place…
it worked…

oh yeah… i do have some videos on my cam…the only problem is that i cant find my cables =\

Another satisfied FIRST Customer. Congrats on the win … If you think 12 teams was a cool regional, wait until you see the 300 in Atlanta :cool:

no way man…i won’t be able to sleep for a week because of the stress…
i really want to be there

Honestly … if you dont sleep and stress causes all your hair to fall out just so you can make it to atlanta … its worth it. Trust me … do whatever it takes to get there (with the exception of robbing a bank or something illegal … thats not GP)

Our team bent over backwards last year to make it to atlanta, and we left with much more than we barganed for (thanks again 1038 and 175 … ).

Try talking to the local media, and some of your sponsers from the build season. If you have a video to show them … thats even better. Once they see the success of your team, they’ll usually be willing to kick down some more money. There are probally a bunch of other people here that will give you some fundrasing advice as well. Good luck on getting there … if you make it to Atlanta … I’ll be stopping by your pits to shake your hand :wink:

Its good there will be 3 or 4 countries at this year’s champianships. I guess it can no longer be called nationals :D.

Team007 will be so excited to hear about Team 1577!
Each of the Israeli teams was paired with an American team last November and Team007 was assigned Team 1577. They will get to see them in Atlanta.
Leav, congratulation to your team and all the teams there for participating this year.
I will be in touch with Alisha.

Thank you everyone for your interest in our little regional

some numbers:

-12 teams
-12 rounds
-full field (not a number, i know :slight_smile: )
-1 practice day
-1 competition day
-total distance ran by battery fetchers 44,000 km (aproximated) :stuck_out_tongue:
-1 annoucer which has been with first from day 1
-1 tech guy who designed the robot controller, the operator interface and the arena controller.

we had the best people FIRST has to offer i think! GJ!

highest score was 93 vs. 3 (we were on the 3 side :frowning: )
closest match was 18 vs 17 (we were on the 17 side :frowning: )

but we had some good matches too. our gallery over at will soon be updated with pics from the regional, so if i were you i’d bookmark it :).

one more thing: the school that one the animation award, “Shevach Mofet”, had the best animation ive seen, it was so real i had to look twice to check if it was CG - same level as the final fantasy movie!

Any more questions?

it must have been really cool…i can’t wait to see some images.

nice high score though…sry for you to be on the 3 side…always the good and bad matches each year…

glad you guys had tons of fun :slight_smile:

How did 1575 do?

hi. I’m from team 1577.
the games where great! I’ve never believed that its possible to collect so much point. the FIRST competition in Israel was really fun and we want to be in Atlanta right now!! i think that Mevoot Eron was great & they had the best robot & Driver but they had so mechanical problems that interrupt them.

it has not been called Nationals for a few years, i am almost sure that 2000 was the last year that the Banners said National Champions on it, I will have to check that out (its hanging up somewhere in our work area :-p) but we have had *inter-*nationals for a couple of years now

The last year that the final competition was called Nationals that I remember was 2000. The big issue that was brought up at that time was that because the competition encompassed teams from multiple different countries at that time, that the name for the final competition should reflect that. There was at least a minor debate about the whole issue, and it was changed officially at that point.

This is often the case. A team will have a great design, but it is not robust enough to stand upto the competition. Lessions learned. :slight_smile: I’m glad you had a great time!

PS: Welcome back Ashlee. :smiley: