The 2007 High Score Thread

I know the competitions aren’t quite done yet today, but I noticed CD was lacking a 2007 high score thread (honestly, I thought it would be up after the first match today!).

It looks like right now 1495, 25, and 1218 hold it from New Jersey with a 260-0 win.

Anyway, update with the new high scores and maybe the high score for each regional as well.

So far at PNW, the highest score we’ve seen is 128-0.

260… incredible, but I bet we’ll be seeing a lot more.

It appears defense isn’t quite as integral to this game as we might have expected. :stuck_out_tongue: But, I guess we’ll know better after the finals tomorrow.

The first regionals are always very clumsy. Refs will look at rules, teams will discuss stratedgy, and people will have more time to prepare.

So far, I’ve seen one 128-0 at VCU. They’ll be a 256+ before nationals. However, I’m expecting both offence and defence to sharpen considerably by next week, possibly even tomorrow.

I’m not sold. After watching some of the web cast from VCU, many teams are just driving around in circles if they can’t score. There’s a few teams actually scoring, alot more attempting to score, and the rest drive around in what appears to be an aimless fashion. The last few seconds, people try to get onto ramps. There isn’t much defense even being attempted from what I can see!

Exciting game too…:wink:

I question the viability of the opposing alliance’s drivetrains…or if they were even out there for the match.

Even so, good job hanging that many ringers.

Yeah i bet there drive trains were broken or they were all failing ramp bots…i wanna see an alliance of 3 high goal scorers vs. 3 low bots/ramp bots…lol

we had another row of 8 at NJ with 237 and the bee team (sorry guys that I don’t remember your number), but there was a 20 pointer against them so it was like 236-0. That was against 3 rampers.

The RoboBees are team 836

I am an operator for 1218. come on guys lets see 512 pts. BTW the other teams worked just fine, they just had broken arms.

I’ve got to come clean: 1495 scored no points that round!!! We made some disgusting blocks though. We stopped at least 2, which definitely paved the way for the full ring.

If we had that alliance again, AND we get our ramp working at the end, we’d be killer.

that was before the penalties, that match 116 scored all of those points, but in the end they incurred two 10 point penalties for being in the opponents home zone. and there was no defense played on them the whole match.

they also scored a keeper in auto, that round

From FIRST’s Match Standings: (NJ Regional)
Time/Red Alliance/Blue Alliance/Red Score/Blue Score
1:34 PM |1495 25 1218 | 1547 41 1279 | 260 0


768 is definitely the must-have before the Championship is over with.

I think you overlooked that a big reason that 116 was harrassed very little, if at all, in that match is that the 1885 (our/my team) Robocat was their wingman… The opposing alliance was definitely trying to “play defense on them”; but we (the red alliance) all stuck to our agreed roles and ensured those defensive efforts fell short.

I forget the other Red alliance bot’s name/number, but they played a part in the win too.


I believe there was only one bot playing defence againt you guys. 975, my team, got a keeper rung around our flag pole, so we couldn’t pick up anymore pieces, our stratigest just forgot to suggest we play defence. Also, 122 deployed their ramps early so they were a nonfactor since they sat in the home zone the whole time.

At the Granite State Regional the high score was 256pts with team 501, I believe 58 and another robot i forgot. This game is really proving to be very well balanced between strategy, defense, and offense. Last years was very fun but this game feels so basic and natural it make the rounds way more competive.

I’m pretty sure that’s impossible, unless it’s a BYOT match. Bring your own tues, that is. You get 3 keepers and 18 ringers of each color in a match, so that’s 21 of each color…with 24 spots to score on the rack. So, unfortunately, we won’t be seeing anything over 596.

(Also…two rings of 8 around would be 536, so long as they’re also making little rows of two vertically. :smiley: )

And I say KUDOS to the teams that don’t mind playing defense like that and sticking to it. It’s not all scoring, as that match proves…high scores come from robots who aren’t being shoved around, and that comes from tough teammates who do the countershoving.

But there are robots that put tubes up well and have so much power to just push there way to any spot even if someone is defending. Two speed transmissions, super high traction wheels, and four cim motors seem to be a rare thing on robots this year. It feels like not too many teams went all out on there drivetrain like in previous years