The 2010 IRI Talent Show

**The Talant Show is once again a part of the IRI!**Friday night, 7:30 - 9:00 PM
All acts must audition, be approved and be selected to compete for fabulous prizes!

Friday, 1 PM - 4 PM
There will be a sign up sheet at the IRI for you to select a time.

Audition Judges
A distinguished panel will review and screen all potential acts, and then publish a schedule of events.
There are no appeals to this panel (they would be offended).

Competition Judges
Once again, a fine panel of judges is being assembled to crown the IRI Talent Show Champion

Basic Guidelines
Acts may be 1 or more people
Acts may be students or mentors from participating teams
Acts must be PG rated
Acts are limited to THREE MINUTES IN LENGTH, unless the Audition Judges determine that a longer time is needed for you to complete the act.
(You will be stopped if you exceed the allowed time, and this can negatively impact the judging panel)

Send an email to

Your Name
Your Team
Contact Email
Contact Phone (that will be available to you during the IRI)
Name of the Act
What You Will Do (Sing, Play Piano, Dance, Juggle, ???)
Any Special Needs

NOTE: Dean Simmons & the Kamens are having contractual disputes with their record label and will NOT be performing for the 2010 IRI.
This means there will not be a drum set, amps, musical instruments, cords, etc. etc. etc. set-up for you to utilize.
Be sure you bring what you need with you (except a piano, we can cover that one.)
We will have microphones.

I know a few people who have been meaning to ask: Can volunteers participate in the talent show?

yes volunteers can participate.

you still need to sign up and audition.