The 2015 game is... Recycle Rush!

Leave a comment below on your thoughts.

And now the moment of truth we’ve all been waiting for (drumroll please) …

Presenting the 2015 FRC Game : Recycle Rush
Any thoughts, tips, ideas or suggestions regarding this year’s game?

And for those who didn’t catch the encrypted game manual key, here it is : R3C3CL3RU$H2015

If you want the decrypted game manual (so that you don’t have to enter the password each time), take a look at the attachment!

Bragging rights go out to me and Harman341 for our small “collaboration” on predicting the game this morning : (I apologize if I missed others with the same speculation)

Good luck & happy building!

FRC 2015 Game Manual.pdf (2.97 MB)

FRC 2015 Game Manual.pdf (2.97 MB)

I may be mistaken but the code seems to be all capital letters

Whoops, you’re right. Thanks!

This isn’t at all what I expected…but I’m excited! The first thing I’m thinking about is how to pick up totes and noodles with the same arm…

Interesting game…very difficult to control the tub, barrel and pool noodle. Robots stay on their side of the field. Very different from what we’ve seen in the past.

Interesting that it seems to be more of a 3v0 + 3v0 instead of a 3v3. The alliances are not necessarily competing against each other, but the clock.

What surprised me was the extra points for cooperating with the other alliance. I can see this being a very welcome change and may make this game one of the best.

I am kinda sad there is no robot to robot interaction.

i can see like a suction for the totes but maybe a third arm in the middle for the noodles that is directly connected to the main arms to put the noodles in the bins. Maybe you can put them in before the bin is even stacked and move that to the totes.

**ALERT ! ALERT ! Bragging rights here ! **

No bumpers… cheers of JOY!

Then moments later…

No robot to robot contact… thanks for pumping my dreams up and them ripping my heart out and stepping on it FIRST…

Having no defense will make the game interesting.

Right now my current thought as a mentor is… RIP my ankles. Bumpers not required?

well what i have not seen is your robot is not allowed to block the noodles from being thrown on your side by the other alliance.

Disney Made a Game With the Same Name

You all should read the new “Elims” layout. Quarters and Semis are point based, not best of 3. You can officially score me as currently not a fan. This game is the closest to the horrible 4v0 game we’ve had in forever, and I’m worried “Elims” are going to get boring fast because of it.

The can is wider than the tote

Where does it say this in the rules?

Let me clarify I have not seen that if that happens it is not allowed.