The 2015 Grand Shirt Trading Thread

I have a few medium CRyptonite shirts to trade, plus one large. Mostly the black ones, but possibly a green one or a polo.

I’m interested in shirts from: 16, 33, 148 (the real deal), 1114, 1717, 2056, and 4488

I’m open to other offers as well, these are just the top of my list.

I will bring around ten 4488 t-shirts to trade. Medium and Large sizes preferred, from different teams. I am starting our collection shirts this year so if you also have extra and would like to donate to our team we would be very happy. :slight_smile: We will wear them in our meetings. Find me in our pit.

Not sure, if I will for sure be going to Championships, But I have 2 older Dragon Robotics Shirts (one large and one Small(?)) that I will be willing to trade. If you want a some purple and green, I got it. I am willing to trade for other medium shirts.


I would absolutely love to get one of those in return for a 2485 shirt…

I have several 2849 shirts from 2009 till current most are larges pm if interested in a trade

There should just be an off-season shirt trading event at FIRST HQ. Or everywhere in general. Nobody ever brings their excess shirts to events and it makes me sad because I’m constantly trying to trade.

I have an XL and an XXL 1310 shirt from 2014 to trade.

Looking for a M or L. :rolleyes:

I’ll have one or two to trade. Looking for one of the following:


I’ll edit this sooner or later, I just know I forgot some off the top of my head…

We’ve got “YouGoGirl!” shirts still if anyone is interested. PM me a size and i’ll put a few on hold.

Most excited to be finally picking up an 1114 shirt this year. I don’t have anything left to trade, but I’m willing to purchase Mediums from any of the teams on my list below :slight_smile:

Yooo, I’m up for trades with any team. I’ll have at least two or three of 4329’s navy team shirts from last year (M and L) as well as a crap ton of our shirts from this year (three different designs, one of which may or may not feature a goat) in assorted sizes.

I can trade 1241 and 1285 t-shirts, I can get the shirts in any size but for myself I want mediums. The teams that I’d like to trade with are 610, 1477 & 148 but I’m open to trade with other teams so just message me.

Here are some pictures of the shirts



I got doctored up volunteershirts I can give to anyone who wants them.

I have many medium 1086 t-shirts and polos, a few medium 1086 hoodies, and a few large 1086 shirts. If you’re interested, message me so i know how many of what to bring to CMP.

After doing some trading at 10K and North Star last weekend I only have XL team shirts left, but I have a few L and XL “fan shirts” that are a reversed color scheme of our team shirts. I’m willing to trade for mediums. Message me if you’re interested or even want to meet at champs or anything :slight_smile:

I will be there for Friday and most or all of Saturday and can guarantee one medium team 1810 t-shirt, and possibly two or three of them. More sizes could be optional?

Here’s photos of them for how big things like the team logo is: [x]](

Here’s closeups of what they have on them for how big everything like the logo is: [x]](

The FIRST Logo is only on the left sleeve.

Also looking for Mediums in return, message me if anyone has an offer.

What do those shirts look like?

I’ve got one large black 624 shirt to trade at worlds. i’m open to trade for any cool large shirts. PM if interested.

I can get my hands on a few team 2761 shirts of various sizes, so I’m up for trades for any other team shirts!

I have a some team 360 blue polo shirts, orange team t-shirts, and a few other surprises to trade at champs. All M or L.

Looking openly for shirts from:

But will definitely appreciate other offers(If interested pleasePM me or just look for me in our pit)